Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


8. Chapter 7


I feel so so bad for risking it.

Like what is wrong with me, I hate myself.

Should I text her?, should I leave her alone?, should I just kill myself??

Hours pass by and I get a call from Ariana..

A~ ...hi

M~ ....hi

M~ listen Ari, I was in the moment and I didn't know what to do an-

A~ Mel, just meet me at our hangout tomorrow at 3:00 afternoon I have a test to take so that's why.

M~ ..ok

A~ bye

*end of call*

"I love you.." I say to myself as the call ends.

*next day*

I did nothing till it was time to meet Ari and our hangout which was a local Starbucks that no one barely went to.

I wore my holographic daisy collared dress with a flower crown and my normal makeup, paired with my baby pink platforms and some yellow baby socks.


It was time to meet Mel

So I wore a distressed military jacket with my solid black halter top and some black ripped skinny jeans, with some black combat boots.

"Let's do this.." I say to myself

Im the first to arrive so I order a cake pop and the new hibiscus tea.

"Thanks." I grab my order and take a seat

As I sip my drink Melanie walks in.

She gives me a crooked grin I give her a wave

"Hi." She grabs her seat

"So..about yesterday..why?"

"Ok..the truth is I like you..and I just couldn't control my feelings so I know."

"Yeah, I mean I understand but, let's just forget about it." I give her a friendly grin

"W-what are you saying?" Her grim still on her face slowly starting to fall

"I'm not into girls.." I tell her, she'll understand.

Her face instantly falls with tears constantly rolling down, she runs out the coffee shop.

"Mel!" I call out her name

"Don't call me that." She says shakily slamming the door entrance.

What have I done.


Ari what did u do

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