Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


7. Chapter 6


I wish I could break Casey's neck for breaking up with Mel, she's like the best, how could you ever do that someone so smol, and fragile.

Since Mel was still a little heartbroken I woke up early to make her some breakfast.

I fixed her favorite things, strawberry pancakes, a vanilla milkshake, and some sausages.


I wake up to a smell of my favorite pancakes in the world

"Mmmm." I sniff the strawberry filled air.

"Morning." Ariana brings me her homemade gift with a grin on her face

"You shouldn't have."

"Hey, anything for my bestie." She gives me a squeeze

We enjoy the delicious food Ari made

"Thank you..for everything."

"No problem."

I'm inches away from doing it so I go for it.

I peck her soft pink lips but she backs away

"W-what are you doing?!" She looks at me twisted

"I-I didn't, I j-just w-"

"I think you should leave Mel."

I nod, grabbing my things quickly with out a word closing the door myself.

What did I just do..



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