Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


5. Chapter 4


Being the bold me I decided to just woman up and speak to Casey.

**casey's house**

I walk up to his rusty stairs and gently knock on his door.

He quickly opens up.

"Melanie I was worried sick about you yesterday, we need to talk"

"I was just about about to say the same thing." I smiled

We plopped into his dented couch his arm around mine.

I did truly love him, but there's just something about Ariana.

"Okay so I know that we love each other very much and we know we go through some tough times but we get through it right?"

"Yes, Casey but we can fix it and we are made for each other and I love you so much i want this to last forever." I smile

"Yes, but I think we should break up."

"Oh Casey I lo- wait what! We should break up?!"

"Yes, but it's for the best Mel."

"Don't call me that, i hate you!"

I steam out of house walking back to mine

Hot tears fall from my face, I furiously walk past my house as I walk to Ariana's

So many emotions circle me and I feel that I can't escape feeling like There's no hope.

I knock on the door sternly as I wait.

Ari opens the door "Mel it's like 9:00 In the morning let me sleep.." She groans

"Casey broke up with me." I sniffle

"What! H-How? why?" Her facial expression changes

"I don't know! Am I n-not fun enough? Am I a-a square? I don't-"

"Mel he's using you.."

"How could he use me?"

"Every Friday night where do you guys go?"


"Exactly so he uses you to be his little dance partner..and he tries to get sexual with you and you push him off sometimes right?"

"Yeah, I get it he uses me...fuck him."

"That's my girl.." Ariana gives me a squeeze "I'm sure you'll find someone soon, your a beautiful girl." She grins, I grin back at the thought she thinks I'm beautiful...I honestly hope I end up with her.


So I have a lot to say..

I'm back in action

I've been neglecting you guy's because it was a time where I felt that I didn't have the thought to I didn't care, but I'm here and I'm back in the swing of things.

So more updates will be coming..epilogue for Mixed Emotions will be arriving soon and do you guys want me to continue friends?

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