Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


3. Chapter 2


Loud music bursting in my ears as I'm dancing with Casey. Sweaty bodies bumping into us.

Obviously I was drunk, I started grinding on Casey as his hands sway with my hips.

"Whaat time is iiiitt?" My words slur against Casey's chest

"It's 1:45 why?" He sips the red solo cup.

"Ariana has to pick me uuuup." I break away from his embrace

"No, stay a little longer." He pulls me back into his body.

"Casey I said I have to go." I started sobering up, as I brush his hands off

"Mel, you know you want to stay.." He whispers into my ear pulling me back again.

"CASEY I SAID NO." I tried pulling away but he wouldn't let me go.

He spins me around to where I'm facing him, instantly forcing our lips together.

"Get off of me!" I break away with all my might stomping out the party.

"Melanie wait!" He chases me through the street.

"Leave me alone." I pull out my phone dialing Ariana's number.

A- waddup drunky

M- I'm not drunk, anymore..can you pick me up?

A- I know that tone, not again..

M- he's so controlling! Ugh!

A- yeah yeah I know..controlling, y'all will be back together in two days props.

M- whatever, just hurry.

A- k bye

As soon as I chuck my phone back into my purse, Ari's car pulls up to the driveway.

I run plopping into the seat.

"I'm here to the rescue" she giggles.

That giggle, just a melody to my ears.

"Thanks, what were you doing while I was out?"

"Studying, eating, more studying, sleeping, more studying." And she went on.

"BORING!" I yell "no boys?, no partying?"

"Other than my" she shrugs

"What about jay? Did he come over?" I ask, jay was her boyfriend, which I dislike.

"Why are you wondering about jay? You hate him. And yes he came to study with me and have lunch." She grabs her phone and keys, hopping out the car.

"I dunno, anyway I gotta get home, I'll see you later." I take my coat and walk home.


Wth Casey

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