The Messenger

From the shadows he watches,
Waiting and listening,
For forest destruction;
Is his plan






          LEADER  Ashstar - silvery gray tabby she-cat with striking green eyes      

        apprentice: Darkpaw


        DEPUTY  Shadowfang - smoky gray tom 

        MEDICINE CAT  Smokeshadow - brown tortoise shell she-cat


    (she-cats and toms without kits)


       Snaketail - black tabby tom

                  apprentice: Graypaw

       Featherwisker - light brown tabby she-cat

      Stoneclaw - gray and black tom

                                    apprentice: Sunpaw

     Stormwisker - black and white she-cat

                                apprentice: Emberpaw

     Shadepetal - black and brown tortoise shell she-cat

     Swiftheart - orange and white tabby tom

                      apprentice: Robbinpaw

    Grasspelt - long-haired brown tom with amber eyes

   Voletooth - dark brown tom and half a tail

  mouseheart - brown she-cat with white paws

               apprentice: Berrypaw



           Berrypaw - dappled she-cat with blue eyes

           Graypaw - gray and white tom

           Sunpaw - dappled golden pelt with green eyes

           Robinpaw - clouded brown and white pelt

           Emberpaw - striking fire orange pelt

           Darkpaw - black she-cat                                                                        QUEENS

                                                                    (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

          Bluefeather - pale blue-gray she-cat 

              expecting Shadowfangs kits


          Russetfur - reddish tabby she-cat

                   mother of Voletooths kits: pebblekit (gray tabby she-cat with darker flecks)

                   rabbitkit (light brown tom)




                            Falconclaw - dark gray tom with a scar on his left flank

                           Hazel - light brown she-cat

                          Cloudeye - blind white tom

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