depression sucks

these poems are just about depression, sadness and loneliness


3. suicide thoughts

Alone and in tears, I think of the past

Remember the sadness that's all I have left.

Being with you went away too fast.

In tears and on the floor again, I'm alone.

Death on my mind, how should I die?

Blood pouring out I can't tell if it's mine.

Fate which has my life, when will it end?

Raining on me, or do these tears fall from my eyes?

Where is the person who wants me alive?

Who is the one who will stop these tears?

When will I ever be saved?

What will you do if I never come back?

Now I know my fate and will leave, Here is the vein in which will end it.

There it watches me, the knife in my hand.

And with one slash I lay on the ground,

Now that I slowly die I hear your voice.

Now that I see your face, I hear your cries.

Now that your close to me, I feel your warmth.

Now that it's dark and quiet you disappear.

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