depression sucks

these poems are just about depression, sadness and loneliness


5. Love sucks

Roses are red

Violets are blue.

I'm so done crying,

over useless boys

all of the time.

Boys they are just

not worth it anymore.

I just really want to

give up on life.

I just really want to

end my life so badly.

Just slit my wrists so deep

and so far open.

I'm just laying here

just watching my blood,

keeping pouring and pouring.

Just waiting for my blood

to just run right out,

So I have none left at all.

I'm just waiting for myself to

just slip away from this hell,

called life.

And just be able to be free

Once and for all and be able to

be with my most loving and

caring pop in the beautiful place

called Heaven.

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