depression sucks

these poems are just about depression, sadness and loneliness


14. Cut to the wrist

Every night you cut yourself

you stop the bleeding,

and wrap it up tight with a bandage.

You then cover it up with the most used lines in the book

"I was just mucking around with my cat and it scratched me."

Or the "I slipped and cut my wrist on something sharp."

Then when someone notices that your always wearing jumpers or bracelets

and asks why you always wear them, you know you don't really,

have any excuses to make up as you always use them.

That's when someone who has done what you are doing right now

comes up to you and gives you a look that says "I know what you have done".

You start to panic when that person comes up to you

and asks or says "Show me your wrists".

All you can think is that you wish

you could just walk away from them but you cant.


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