Poems <3

This is a Poem book that I wrote
All these Poems I wrote

They are different genres
I'll warn you if it's not good to read
If you need to a be a certain age to read
but if you read it anyway that's okay
just no hate thanks

enjoy xx


1. The Rain..

The droplets of gods tears fell from the heaven 

The God Zeus stomps around angrily

wondering what to do with life 


I whisper "don't worry Zeus I'm thinking about that too"


I hold out my hand letting the tears slip through 


I'm trying God


Why are you hurting


Have someone did wrong 


Your tears are slowly stopping as you soon realise that you have a duty 


A duty to protect the fallen


A duty to guide us through our not easy lives




Hey everyone this is my first poem

So no hate please

I'm not Christian but I got inspired by the rain cause it was raining at my house not that long ago 

So I hope you like it and I've got more poems to come 

So look out for them :) 


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