The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


11. The Coronation


Chapter Eleven

"Impossible!" The Witch exclaimed, dumbfounded that Aslan was alive. Sarah smiled, and knew that this was what the Lion had planned all along. He let out another roar, and this time, reinforcements arrived. They tumbled down the hill, taking out any enemy creatures. The enemy was exhausted, and had little hope against fresh troops. 

The clanging of metal against metal jolted Sarah from watching Aslan, and she turned her attention back to the Witch and Peter. She had resumed attacking Peter, and Sarah gasped when the Witch twirled her sword in a particular way. Peter fell to the ground, blocked one of the Witch's swords, but the strength behind her thrust caused Peter to lose his grip on his weapon. He only had his shield now, but that didn't last long either. 

"No!" Shouted Sarah, as the Witch prepared to deliver the final blow. But Sarah heard a roar not too far away, and a gold streak of fur flew threw the air, knocking the Witch backwards. It was Aslan. 

Yes! He's here! Thought Sarah, relieved that the battle was finally over. She ran over and tightly embraced Peter. They both cried and kissed each other. Susan and Lucy came over to join them.

"Where's Edmund?" Asked Susan, horrified that their brother wasn't with them. 

Oh no! Sarah remembered that he had been stabbed by the Witch. They scoured the area for him, and Sarah watched with a dry mouth as an enemy dwarf was about to slice him in half with an axe.

"Edmund!" Shouted Susan, distracting the dwarf. She shot an arrow at the dwarf, and her aim was true. Sarah sighed in relief and knelt down by Edmund's body.

He can't be dying! She thought as she watched his body shaking. Lucy dropped a liquid from the vial into his mouth, and Edmund's body stopped trembling. He coughed, and opened his eyes. 

"Why can't you just do as you're told?" Asked Peter, engulfing him in a hug. Sarah smiled. 

It's nice to see them reconciling, she thought and joined in with the others. 

Large footsteps caused the ground to shake, and looking up, Sarah saw Aslan. She gasped as he blew on a statue, and the life slowly returned to the creature. She smiled.

It's over. We've won.

--------- Three Days Later 

Sarah grimaced as the Satyr yanked on her hair with the comb. "Ouch! Surely you've done enough already?" She whined. She hated wearing dresses, but most of all, made to look like a fluffed up princess. 

Today, she and the other children would be crowned kings and queens of Narnia. Unfortunately, that also meant she had to be dressed up in fancy clothing. Her outfit consisted of a sparkling silver see through dress and matching corset. Her blond hair was smooth as silk, tied in a French braid, and the scent of roses whiffed through the air. 

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty," apologized the Satyr. Sarah waved it off. "No worries. Ugh. I'm just not used to this," she expressed her dismay. 

When all was finished, the Satyr allowed Sarah to look at herself in the mirror. She gasped. It was hard to believe the woman standing before her was the same, bitter child she had been back home.

The door to her room creaked open, and Sarah turned to see Aslan waiting patiently for her. She smiled, knowing the time had come. 

"Come Sarah, the others are waiting," the Lion told her gently. 

The others are waiting? Oh god, that means they will all be looking at me when I get there! Thought Sarah, nervous at being the center of attention.

I wonder what Peter looks like? He's probably way handsome, she thought, excited to see him. 

Walking down the golden halls with marble walls, It wasn't long before Sarah heard the other children giggling and whispering to each other. Her cheeks flushed red when it was Peter who first noticed her.

"You look amazing," he whispered as they embraced one another. She inhaled his masculine scent as he ran a hand down the length of her hair. 

He wore an icy blue collared shirt on which was sown a golden tree. A gold cape was clasped around his neck and fell to the floor. 

"No more so than you," she argued. "All of you, for that matter," she said, turning to address the others. 

"Children, it is time," said Aslan and the giant wooden doors opened before them. Sarah took a deep breath when she saw all the creatures who had gathered. 

"You can do this. You're not afraid," she whispered, trying to encourage herself. She smiled when Peter intertwined their fingers together and looked up at him. "Relax, it will be over before you know it," he whispered back and she sighed. She took a deep breath and nodded. And it was. 

The Beavers presented the children with their crowns as Aslan announced their titles. She smiled when the Beavers came to her. 

"To the Far Northern Mountains, I give you, Queen Sarah, The Ice Queen," Aslan decreed. 

Somehow, Sarah found her title fitting. She was a descended of the Witch, who had used her power for evil. But Sarah vowed to use her's for good. Bowing as the Faun Tumnus placed a silver circlet of flowers on her head, Sarah's heart fluttered nervously. 

"And to the clear, northern sky!" Aslan raised his voice. "I give you, King Peter, the Magnificent!" His voice boomed with an air of authority in the great hall. 

"Once a king or queen in Narnia, always a king or queen. May your wisdom guide us until the stars reign in the heaven," Aslan said. 

The creature who had gathered burst in shouts. "Long live King Peter! Long live Queen Susan! Long live King Edmund! Long live Queen Lucy! Long live Queen Sarah!" 

The celebrations commenced, but when Sarah looked around, she noticed with disappointment that Aslan was gone. She spotted Lucy alone, looking at the beach from the balcony. 

Curious, Sarah joined her. That's when she saw him. Aslan was a small golden speck on the beach below, and was walking away from the castle. 

He didn't even say goodbye, thought Sarah sadly and sniffed. 

"Don't worry," said the Faun Tumnus who joined them. "You will see him again," he encouraged the girls. 

Sarah left so that Lucy could spend time with her friend. A dance had begun, and flute music drifted through the great hall. She saw Peter talking with Orious and looked away when he noticed her staring. 

She quickly made her way through the crowd of animals, but someone grabbed her shoulder just as she reached door to the hall. 

"Leaving so soon, my Queen?" Asked Peter. 

"You looked busy. I didn't want to bother you," she lied. Peter raised a suspicious eyebrow in response. 

A new song just started. Peter offered Sarah his arm. "Would you do me the honor of this dance?" He inquired. 

Biting her lip, Sarah managed enough courage to nod her head and slipping her arm underneath his, walked with him to where the dancers were. 

Staring up at Peter, she smiled again. 

"You know, I never could have imagined this happening," she told him. He looked down at her, and cocked his head. 

"I don't think any of us did," he agreed and she rested her face against his chest as they continued dancing. 

------/// Later that night 

Long after the music had stopped and the guests had left, Sarah Peter stared out at the ocean. It's churning waves reflected the moon's silver glow, and millions of stars twinkled in the night sky. Sarah sighed, content. Peter turned to look at her and grabbed bother hands. 

"Sarah," he whispered. 

"Yes?" She looked into his eyes. 

"I know it feels like we only met yet yesterday, and you're an amazing young woman," he complimented. 

Sarah's heart fluttered nervously. 

Is he doing what I think he is doing? She wondered, confused by his actions. 

"Since the time I met you, to this day, I cannot think of any girl who is more beautiful and caring as you are," he continued in a shaky voice. Sarah noticed that beads of cold sweat glistened on his brow as spoke. 

"Will you become my wife?" 


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