The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


10. The Battle


Chapter 10 

Sarah allowed the tears to freely flow down her cheeks. They were great silver tears which were filled with sorrow. Fists clenched, she wondered why the Witch had chosen to reveal their connection to everyone. 

She probably wants them to feel insecure and banish you from their presence, she thought, remembering the prophecy. If she didn't take up her place as a queen of Narnia, then the prophecy wouldn't be fulfilled and the Witch still in power.

Another hour passed before the Witch emerged from the tent. Sarah watched, curious as she sent Edmund a look and walked back to her throne. Aslan came out next. 

"She has renounced her claim on the Son of Adam's blood!" Announced the Great Lion. He looked right at Sarah, and she gasped at the sorrow she saw in his eyes. 

What has he promised to the Witch? She wondered, but had no more time to ponder this question as the Witch turned to face them. 

"How do I know this promise will be kept?" Inquired the Witch. Sarah furrowed a brow, wondering what she meant. Had Aslan made an agreement to give her something?

Aslan's only response was to roar. A roar so powerful it caused the ground to tremble like an earthquake. The witch, too shocked to say anything, slumped into her seat. Every cheered as she left camp. 

Sarah turned to face Aslan, and frowned when she saw his head lowered. Everyone else was too busy to notice. Peter and his family were celebrating by hugging each other, and the animals around them were also dancing in delight. She watched with sadness as the Lion went back into his tent. 


Tossing and turning, Sarah was plagued by nightmares since closing her eyes. She saw Aslan, the Witch and a ton of other evil looking creatures around the Stone Table. 

"Bind him!" Shouted the Witch, and the evil creatures flocked to Aslan. Sarah gasped as they bound him with ropes and struck his side. 

Great silver tears streamed down Sarah's face as Aslan was gagged and lifted onto the Table. The shrieks and dancing of the gathered creatures made Sarah wonder if anyone was in control. Then she saw the Witch and the woman held up her hand. She was even more terrifying now. She had a black battle dress on, and she held a knife. 

"Fool! Do you really think I will be appeased with your blood? Once you are out of the way, I shall have no problem with killing the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve," taunted the Witch. 

He's sacrificing himself! Realized Sarah with horror. 

The Witch lifted the knight high into the air. "Tonight, the Deep Magic will be appeased, and Narnia will be mine once more!" Screamed the Witch, her eyes filled with red bloodlust. 

"Now, you die!" She yelled and brought the knife plunging down towards Aslan's heart. 

Sarah screamed. "Nooooo!" 


Sarah's eyes bolted open. She panted heavily and shivered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Surely Aslan couldn't be so foolish as to abandon them when they needed him the most? She got up and changed into her leather armor. She needed to make sure. Was her dream simply a nightmare, or was it something more? 

Outside, the first rays of dawn already lit up the sky. There was a frenzy of activity and a group of satyrs and Fauns trotted past Sarah. She blinked, surprised as they were armed to the teeth. 

What's going on here? Is the Witch attacking us? She wondered. No, if she were here, I would know it. This is the calm before the storm, she thought glumly.

Sarah arrived at Aslan's tent just as Peter emerged from it. By the look on his face, and the way his shoulders sagged, she could tell Aslan had indeed perished. 

Why? How could he do such a thing to us-to Narnia? She let the tears flow once more. 

It's not fair, it isn't right! 

"She's right, he's gone," Peter told Edmund, who was also with them. They were in front of table with a map.

"Then you'll have to lead us," Said Sarah, trying to encourage him. She could tell he was just as glum, if not even more, than she was. 

"I'm not a hero!" He protested. She stepped forward, and standing on her toes, kissed his cheek. Edmund coughed, and Sarah sent him a "If-you-say-anything-I-will-kill-you" glare at him. He looked at Orious. 

"You are to me," she whispered to Peter, who offered a sad smile in return.


Sarah stood on a cliff which overlooked the grassy plain far below. She could see everything. Below, Peter sat on a unicorn near Orious. The grassy plains extended all the way to the oak forest in the distance, and beyond that were crystal blue mountains. 

Despite the golden rays of the sun shining down on her, Sarah felt cold, as winter was returning. 

Shivering, Sarah couldn't help the feeling of impending doom that slowly crept up her spine. Aslan - there best chance at defeating the Witch, was gone. By now, everyone in the army had heard about it. The troop's moral was low, but she knew that they would all give it their best shot. 

Or die trying. I wonder what happens to us back home? Will we die there or will everyone simply forget about us? Or maybe we just die here and go back to living normal lives, she wondered. 

"Mum, dad, I'm sorry. If you can hear me now, I want you to know that I love you. This is my choice. I need to help these people," she whispered to the sky through blurry vision. 

A creature roared, and a lump caught in Sarah's throat when she the Witch's army advance over the ridge. The creature that had roared had the body of a man, but the head of a bull. He carried a grey ax with him and lifted it into the air. 

Inhaling sharply at the many evil creatures which came forward in reply, Sarah shook her head. There was no way they could fight them all! The witch's army outnumbered them one hundred to one, perhaps even more. 

This isn't a battle, it's suicide! She panicked. But when she thought of all they had done so far; all she had accomplished with the other children, she knew she could do this. Even if it meant death. She would her best, and if Aslan decided she would die here, she would be content with it. 

The Witch's army stampeded forward, and Sarah looked up when she heard a screech come from the sky. It was a Gryphon. A creature with yellow fur and which had the body of a lion, and also had the wings of an eagle. 

Peter's plan was to first bomb the opposing army with boulders. The Gryphons carried the boulders, and like planes dropping bombs, so to did the gryphons drop their payload.

The dying screams of hundreds of the Witch's minions reached Sarah's ears. She knew it was only going to get worse when the enemy was on them. 

And it happened sooner than she thought. Sweat tricked down her brow, stinging her eyes. Spots of crimson blood covered her from head to toe. She thrust her wand into the heart of a dwarf, and allowed power to flow out of her. The dwarf exploded. Literally. Sarah gasped, and stared at her wand. She had no idea of how powerful she actually was. 

An idea developed. Blocking the attack of another enemy, she twirled the wand above her head and stabbed the ground. Any enemy within twenty feet of her was sent flying backwards. She swayed, suddenly feeling exhausted.

I guess I need to be more careful with how much energy I use for the spell, she thought and staggered backwards as a new opponent attacked. She blinked, and realized with a start, the snake man from her dream now faced her. Sarah panicked and looked around for Lucy, but couldn't find her. 

The snake man lunged and the blow was strong enough that Sarah's arm trembled from the sudden pressure. She grimaced and parried the next attack. 

"Edmund!" She heard Peter shout his name and looked at the ridge behind the snake man. Just like the dream, she saw him running along the small cliff. She watched as he cut off a dwarf's beard and shoved the little man off the ledge. 

Sarah gasped when she saw who Edmund was after. The Witch. But she had no time to react as the snake man lunged at her, and brought his sword down on her. She had barely enough strength to block this attack. 

Suddenly, a blue light flashed and everyone around her, included herself, was thrown backwards. 

What the heck was that? Wondered Sarah and glanced at the Witch. She looked furious. Edmund was standing in front of her, also taken aback by what had just happened. 

The Witch thrust the remainder of her wand at Edmund. He blocked, but she as too strong and swatted his sword away as if it were merely annoying fly. Sarah watched, horrified as Edmund's sword was ripped from his grip. 

"Edmund!" Shrieked Sarah, as the Witch stabbed what was left of her wand into his heart. 

Time seemed to slow as she watched Edmund fall to the ground. The Witch glanced at Sarah, and there's eyes met. The woman who had just killed Edmund sent her a devilish smile. 

"Nooooo!" She screeched, and stabbed the creature in front of her. Weaving in and out of enemies, Sarah soon found herself confronting the Witch. 

The Witch's attacks were strong and quick. But Sarah had the energy of a young child. She no longer felt tired as a surge of adrenaline surged through her entire body.

"You will pay for what you have done!" She spat, and lashed out at the Witch. The woman easily defended herself and chuckled. 

"You would take revenge the boy? He was a traitor. And the only fitting punishment a traitor receives is death," she said. 

"So that must be the reason why you tried to kill your children," spat Sarah, eyes blazing. 

The Witch appeared to be genuinely surprised that she knew. 

"Aslan must have told you. Yes. Those traitorous brats would have removed me from power. They had become too strong. That's why I needed them out of the way," she explained, blocking another attack from Sarah.

"But why? Killing your own family proves you're a monster!" Asked Sarah, panting. 

"Why? To prove to the world how powerful I have become! Before I destroyed Charm, the Witch's Council was going to imprison me. They had become afraid and wanted to kill me. Obviously, I couldn't allow that. Charm got what they deserved," growled the Witch. But then, her eyes softened and she smiled at Sarah.

"You my dear girl, show potential. Why not join me, and I can show you how to harness your power?" Asked the Witch, like a mother asking a lost daughter to return home. She held out a hand in invitation. 

Sarah lowered her weapon, taken off guard by the Witch's offer. Yes, she was different than the others. The power of the Narnian blood flowed through her veins. She could sense it now, her connection to this land and the Witch was strong. 

"You see? You cannot help who you are. You are one of my grandchildren, and as such, it is in your nature to want to help me," she explained as if she could sense Sarah's struggle. 

"Never!" Sarah shook her head, forcing herself from the trance like state. The Witch frowned and her eyes narrowed. 

"Then you shall die like the rest of these worthless scum!" She sneered and lunged at Sarah. She barely had enough time to block the Witch's attack. 

At least she can't turn me to stone! Thought Sarah grimly. 

The Witch used her strength to Sarah's disadvantage. The girl tried with all her power to block each thrust and swipe aimed for her heart, but she was beginning to tire.

Finally, one particular blow sent Sarah staggering backwards. She gasped, and dropped her wand. She watched helplessly as the Witch tried to pick up the weapon, but when she grabbed it, was shocked when the woman let out a curse and was unable to grab the weapon. 

What the heck just happened? Why can't she pick up my wand? Wondered Sarah, confused by the Witch's behavior.

"Well my dear, it seems that for some reason, I won't be able to turn you to stone. But death by sword is just as fitting," said the Witch. 

Struggling to get up, Sarah grimaced when the Witch stepped on her right arm. "Gaaaah!" She cried out, hearing the bone snap from the woman's weight.

"Now, you die," the Witch sneered, and gave Sarah a cruel smile. Sarah refused to be afraid and looked the Witch directly in the eyes. Now, she finally understood what Aslan had said about death turning backwards. And she smiled. Even if the Witch was to kill her now, she would live on in the next world. 

"Go to hell," she spat, and the Witch trembled with anger. Suddenly, someone threw themselves at the Witch. Sarah gasped when she saw it was Peter. 

"You will not take her from me!" He growled, and lashing out, met the Witch blow for blow. Sarah stared, shocked by what was happening. 

He still cares about me! The thrill of joy caused her heart to flutter. Her heart stopped, however, when she saw the Witch knock Peter to the ground. But strangely, she waited for him to get back up. 

An honor duel. Two warriors fighting each other. It appeared the Witch had some sort of moral code when it came to battle. 

Peter and the Witch kept thrusting their swords against each other. Sarah finally managed enough strength and went to get her wand. She was about to join Peter when she heard a roar.


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