The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


9. Revelations and Training


Chapter Nine 

The agonized screams of dying creatures echoed the air. All around Sarah, metal clashed with metal as the chaotic dance of battle could be heard. To her left, a Centaur was pierced in the chest by a Minotaur. Sweat tricked down her brow, and found herself facing a new foe. This creature had the body of a man, but his head was like a snake. Sarah didn't know what he was, just that she needed to survive. 

"Lucy!" A voice shouted, distracting Sarah from her opponent. Turning, she discovered with horror that the younger Pevensie had been stabbed, and was now lying on the ground. Her body was soaked in a pool of crimson blood. 

She didn't have time to react, as the snake man in front of her lunged, his sword clanging against her wand. She staggered backwards and shook her head. Her opponent was strong.

There was a rocky ridge behind the snake man, and an idea suddenly sprang into her mind. She pointed her wand at the cliffs, and could feel the energy flowing inside of her. 

"Edmund!" Peter shouted, and Sarah noticed with a start that Edmund wove in and out of enemies, as if he were a man on a mission. 

But he sided with the witch! How can this be, unless it's a dream! She realized. Her eyes followed Edmund, and her mouth dropped open. He was heading in the direction of the witch, whom Sarah could now see was heading in her direction. 

The witch wore what appeared to be some sort of fur around her neck, and Sarah felt cold. Something was wrong. Shouldn't Aslan be here to help them? Where was he? 

But she didn't have time to worry any further as she watched Edmund leap off the small ridge, and bring his sword down on the witch. She easily dodged the attack, and went to stab Edmund. Only Edmund faked, spun to the side, and slashed his sword at the witches' wand. 

Everyone within a hundred feet of the witch was sent flying backwards, and Sarah saw a blue light flicker before vanishing. Then, the witch parried, and stabbed Edmund in the chest, her eyes blazing with hateful vengeance. 

"Edmund!" She shrieked as his body fell to the ground.


Screaming, Sarah's eyes bolted open. She shook her head, and sighed with relief when she realized it had only been a nightmare. Darkness had long since fallen, and she had only been asleep for a few hours. She shivered. Not from the cold, but a feeling of foreboding doom. 

She rubbed her forehead, dampened with cold sweat. Are my dreams only dreams, or are they visions? She pondered, unable to shake the feeling that something horrible was about to happen.

He called me the lost princess of Narnia last night, she remembered, but Aslan had not elaborated on what he had meant. Did her visions have something to do with the Narnian blood that flowed through her veins? 

Shaking her head, Sarah got up from bed and slipped on a leather outfit that Tamara had made for her. It hugged her curves, and the uniform was a chocolate brown color with a rampant golden lion sown on the front. 

Grabbing her wand, she inserted it into the leather scabbard wrapped around her back. It was easier to carry the wand this way, so that she could walk without the weapon dragging along the ground. 

Sarah peeked her head out of the tent flap, and thanked the stars that no one was there. Tip toeing like a spy who hoped not to be caught, she released the breath she had been holding once she got to the camp's perimeter. 

The only sounds to be heard were the tent flags flapping in the cool, spring breeze, and the rhythmic rolling of the oceans waves. 

"Where do you think you're going?" 

Sarah jumped, and nearly screamed when she heard the motherly voice question her actions. Looking down, she saw Mrs. Beaver waiting for an answer. 

"I just need some time alone," she grumbled to the beaver. 

"You surely must not be thinking of going out by yourself! Even though you are with Aslan now, the witch has many eyes and ears," explained Mrs. Beaver.

Sarah rolled her eyes, annoyed by the beaver's persistence. "Yes, I understand. But I'm sure the Witch wouldn't face Aslan unless she had her army with her. And besides, I have my wand," she said, stomping her foot. 

The beaver sighed, but relented and Sarah left the camp behind. 

It had been a few hours since Sarah had been out. She now wandered alone in a dense oak forest. Something, or someone was calling out to her. And like a magnet, she answered the call unhindered. 

The tugging sensation ended when she arrived at a stone table on a small hill. The table was old, that much she could tell, but what worried her was the evilness she felt here. 

"The Stone Table holds many secrets," said a growling voice behind her. She gasped and turned to see Aslan walking towards her. A golden glow radiated around his body and she followed him as he walked around the table. 

"When the blood of an innocent is spilled at the table, death itself will begin to turn backwards," he said in a cryptic voice. 

"What do you mean, Aslan?" Asked Sarah, speaking softly. 

His eyes bore into her own, and pierced the depths of her very soul. 

"I mean, what I mean. Now, Mrs. Beaver seemed very worried when she came to me. What troubles you, Child of my heart?" He pressed and she sighed. 

"Aslan, why I am I having these visions? First before the other children came, and just tonight I saw Lucy and Edmund dying in battle. And why did you call me a lost princess?" She asked, desperate for answers.

"Sit at my side, Child," he commanded, and she did. She stroked his mane and giggled when he purred. It was funny, him a great cat purring at her touch. His fur was warm and comforting as she listened to him speak. 

"In order to understand your history, you need to know that before Narnia, there was another world," he began. 

"This world was called Charm. This is where the Witch is from. Charm was the center of magic and wisdom, and its leaders were perfect beings. But they became arrogant and prideful. The woman you and your grandfather know as Jadis, destroyed Charm and managed to come into Narnia with him and his companions," explained the Lion. Sarah's eyes opened wide.

"Now what I am about to tell you is known to no one but you and me," continued Aslan. 

"While most believe Jadis was unmarried, she actually did find a man. They had many children and grandchildren, though in secret. But the Witch was afraid that her children would seek to betray her just as she betrayed Charm, and so sought to kill them," Aslan paused and an owl hooted in the night air. 

How could someone be so cruel as to kill their own children! Wondered Sarah, amazed by the witch's lack of humanity.

"But some of them escaped, and learned they could travel through the boundaries of time and space. Some went to earth and mingled with the humans. Others, their fate is unknown," he finished. 

Sarah was greatly intrigued by all the history surrounding the witch, but she still didn't understand what it had to do with her.

"What are you trying to tell me, Aslan?" She asked, and their eyes met yet again. 

"You Child, are in the bloodline of the witch," he revealed. Her face paled. 

The revelation shocked Sarah to the core. So the witch was some sort of great grandmother to her? She pressed her knees up against her chest and rocked back and forth, closing her eyes. A single tear managed to trickle down her cheek.

There was no way this could be true. Surely some oddity would have turned up in her family tree if it were? But even as she sat there against Aslan's side, she knew he could never lie.

"Aslan, so you're expecting me to kill a great grand mother?" She asked him. 

"No, Dear One. I am requesting that you put a stop to her rule, even if it means death," he explained. 

"I don't think I can be brave enough. She's too powerful," whispered Sarah, afraid of what would happen. 

Aslan turned his head, and opening his mouth, blew at her. She felt warm, and courage slowly began to take over the fear. The lion got up, and she did the same. 

"Now you are a lioness. When the time comes, you will understand what to do," he told her and vanished from sight. 

The next morning, Sarah found Peter and the others outside their tents. They were all staring at something, or rather someone. Sarah followed their gaze and smiled when she saw who had returned. Edmund was a little ways off and talking with Aslan. He nodded his head, and hands in pockets, trudged towards them.

"Hi," he whispered as he stared at the ground. Sarah watched as it was first Lucy, then Susan who embraced him. She smiled on seeing the family together again. The only person who didn't join them was Peter. 

"Get some sleep," he snapped at Edmund. 

Not this again. Surely if Susan and Lucy can forgive Ed, he can too, she thought. She watched him leave. 

Peter approached her. "Sarah, let's talk away from the others. I need to hear your thoughts on what I have in mind for them," he said. 

What's this about? She wondered, curious and followed him away from the others. 


Peter knew Sarah wouldn't like what he had to say. He wanted to send the others away, yet was torn on making the decision. Mum had made him promise to protect the family, but sending them to battle was the thing farthest from that. 

They came to the place where he had shown her the Sunset and Cair Paravel. 

"Peter, what's this about?" He could hear the worry in her voice. Sighing, he was weary of telling her. His hand rested on the pommel of his sword.

I may as well tell her. I've brought her this far, he thought and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm sending the others back. I told Mum I would protect them. I can't do that in the middle of a war," he explained.

He looked down, but felt the coolness of her fingers as she lifted his chin up. 

"I understand, Peter. I fully support you in this decision. However, I think you need to see what they want too," she let him know. He gave a sad smile in reply and the two of them headed back to find the others.


Sarah could understand Peter's reasoning for sending his siblings home. She knew however, that all the Pevensie children were very stubborn. Especially Lucy. If there is one person who won't listen to Peter, it would be her, thought Sarah as they approached a table. 

"Narnia's not going to run out of toast, Edmund," joked Lucy. Sarah smiled. It was nice to see them getting along with each other. 

"I'm sure you'll be packing some up for the journey then," suggested Peter. 

Susan glanced up, and her gaze fell on Sarah's and Peter's hands. Their fingers were intertwined, making it clear they were in a relationship.

"We're going home?" Susan asked, confused at to what Peter meant. 

"You are. Sarah and I are going to stay and help them," Revealed Peter. 


"They need us. All of us," Begged Lucy, wanting to stay. 

"Lucy, you almost drowned, Ed was nearly killed!" Shouted Sarah, wanting the younger girl to have some sense brought into her. 

"That's why we have to stay," Edmund spoke to the ground. Then he looked up at them, guilt swirling in his eyes.

"I've seen what the witch can do; I've helped her do it." He bit his lip and Lucy rubbed his shoulder. 

Sarah sighed and knew that Peter had lost in his effort to send them away. She watched as Susan got up, and wondered where the girl was going. 

"Where are you going?" Asked Peter with a start when he saw her get up. She sent a wry grin at him. "To get in some practice." 

Thrust, prairie, thrust, block, thought Sarah as metal rang in the air. She studied her opponent. His build was bulky and strong, and he had the strength of a horse. Literally. Orious was an excellent teacher, and helped Sarah to understand how better she could use the sword aspect of her wand to fight enemies. 

"Well done," the centaur complimented her as she grabbed a rag to wipe the brow from her forehead. She grinned. 

"Thanks," she replied. 

"Sarah!" On hearing Mr. Beaver's urgent voice, she turned to see him running toward them. "The witch has demanded a meeting with Aslan. She's on her way here!" He let them now before going off to tell the others. 

Sarah yelped as Orious picked her up and put her on his back. The centaur then galloped to Aslan's tent, where there was a frenzy of activity. 

"Make way for Jadis! Queen of Narnia!" Shouted someone who sounded more frightened than angry.

The other children shortly arrived just after Sarah. They all looked afraid, especially Edmund. Sarah's eyes hardened when she saw the witch. The woman sat on a throne being carried by six dwarves. 

"You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan," announced the witch. 

Like we don't know already, Sarah thought and rolled her eyes. The Witch spotted Sarah, and seemingly glided over to the girl, who shrunk back into Orious's chest. The centaur snorted, and drew his sword. 

"You will not defy a flag of truce and harm anyone here," he growled. The Witch laughed at the bold centaur. 

"I merely wanted to see my granddaughter," the witch said, causing gasps to fly around the gathered crowd. All eyes came to rest on Sarah. 

"You lie," she spat at the Witch, who chuckled. 

"My dear girl. Can you not see the resemblance? The blond hair, the blue eyes-" 

"Enough Witch!" Roared Aslan, silencing her. Tears threatened to flow down Sarah's cheeks. She cast a glance at Peter, who looked disappointed. There was distrust in his eyes and she looked away. 

"I shall talk with you alone," growled the Great Lion. The Witch smirked and followed him into his tent.


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