The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


12. Only The Beginning


Chapter Twelve 

Sarah's throat was dry. She tried to speak, but her lips quivered. She wanted to tell Peter yes, yet at the same time, she knew it was too soon. 

How can I tell him without hurting his feelings? She wondered, and turned her head away. Peter cupped her chin in his hands and looked her in the eyes. 

"Sarah, I understand if you think this is too soon. But these people are in the Dark Ages compared to us," he began, though his voice wavered. "To them, this is normal," he begged.

"I'm sorry Peter, but not yet. I can't do this," Sarah shook her head. He needed to know how she felt. "We're still kids, you and I. Sure, we may be queens and kings, but that doesn't change things for the way I feel. Ask me again in a few years and I'll say yes," she told him.

The way he looked at her spoke volumes. She could see betrayal, hurt and disappointment. Gently touching his cheek with a finger, she brushed her lips against his cheeks before walking away. When she was out of earshot, she sobbed. This was not what she had wanted to tell him. Of course she loved him! But how could they live a normal life back home if they got married here when they were still young? It wouldn't be right.

"So he asked you?" said a voice, startling Sarah. She looked up to see Susan. The girl wore a dark forest green dress.

"What does it matter if he did?" she said bitterly to the eldest Pevensie girl.

"Everything! Sarah, I can see my brother loves you and you love him! Don't let anything get in the way of that! Sure, we may be kids back home, but if Aslan put us in charge of an entire kingdom for heaven's sake, surely he wouldn't have a problem with you and Peter getting engaged and married!"

We're that easy to read? Thought Sarah, shocked that Susan knew all too well about how Peter and her felt towards each other.

She does have a point, but I'm not ready! Sarah was startled when Susan engulfed her in a tight hug.

"You run back to my brother and tell him you'll marry him or I'll throw you in the Great River," joked Susan, making Sarah smile. She remembered all too well the raging currents and how concerned they had been when they thought Lucy had drowned.

"Susan, I'm not sure-" she began but was interrupted by the other girl.

"You do as I say, and I don't want any excuses!" She grabbed Sarah by the shoulders and spinning her around, shoved her the way she had just come from. Sarah just shook her head, amused by Susan's stubbornness. But she was still worried about her and Peter. Would their love last? And if so, what would happen once they got back to earth, assuming they even went back home? All these doubts plagued her thoughts as she went back to find Peter.

She found him gripping the bronze railing of the balcony and staring up at the moon. He turned and smiled when he saw her there standing. With great anxiety, she walked up 
to him and bowed.

"You came back," was all he said, and she grimaced. This was not how she had wanted to start out. 

"Yes. I've thought it, and if you still offer, I will marry you, Peter Pevensie," she whispered into his ear. He smiled and kneeling, asked her those precious questions one more time. "Will you, Sarah become my wife?" And this time she did not hesitate. "Yes, Peter Pevensie, I will marry you!" He slipped a simple silver ring over her index finger and they kissed. 

Clapping and cheers sounded from behind them, and turning, Sarah saw with astonishment that Susan, Edmund, Lucy and the Beavers and Mr. Tumnus had all gathered to watch. Sarah felt her cheeks flush red from embarrassment. 

"How long have you been there?" she asked, turning around with Peter's arm still locked around her waist. Lucy grinned. "Since earlier. Peter told us he wanted to ask you tonight," she explained and Sarah held a hand to her mouth in horror. Did they see when I rejected him? She wondered, terrified if they had.

"Relax," encouraged Edmund. "We won't judge you," he said. "Agreed," affirmed Peter, kissing her knuckles. Sarah's smile grew bigger. She had friends who were now family.

---------One year later

The big day came sooner than expected. And for Sarah, she couldn't wait until the festivities were over. If she had been groomed and fancied up for her coronation, this was even more so. She groaned and grimaced as Susan and Lucy finished helping her prepare. 

"I seriously cannot stand all this makeup and fluff," she let her dismay be known to the others. 

"You're going to have to get used to it," Susan giggled. 

"You can turn around now," Lucy said and Sarah gasped. Her eyebrows glittered silver, and her lips were a dark crimson color. Her dress was much similar to her coronation dress, the only difference were that necklaces with silver stars hung from the collar around her neck. 

"Wow," she inhaled sharply. "Thank you both," she said and hugged them. 

Just then, trumpets blared, and Sarah took a deep breath. It was time. Time for the queen to marry the High King, as Aslan had ordained Peter. 

Soon, she was standing in front of the wooden doors to the great hall. Lucy and Susan stood next to her. Lucy grabbed her hand, and Sarah smiled. She could do this.

Breath in, breath out, she told herself. Trumpets sounded again, and this time, the doors swung open. Sarah gasped. All around her were their many friends. The Beavers, the faun Tumnus, and Orious. The great centaur stood on the dais by Peter's side. And best of all, the great golden lion Aslan himself was there! Sarah nearly squealed in delight when his eyes met her's. 

Long trails of roses hung from arch to arch in the room, and circled all the way around the corners. From somewhere in the room, organ music started to play. 

Sarah felt a lump in her throat form when she reached the dais. She bowed first to Aslan, and then to Peter. 

"You look stunning," he whispered as he bowed in return. The compliment caused her cheeks to flush red, and she looked away.

Is he always going to say that to me? She wondered as Aslan began to speak.

"People and creatures of Narnia," began Aslan in a raised voice. "Today we have come together to witness the joining of two hearts to become one. The High King Peter, and Queen Sarah." He turned to face them, and Peter intertwined Sarah's fingers in his own. 

"Do you, High King Peter Pevensie, promise to stay with Queen Sarah whether in life or death, through struggles and hardships?" Asked the lion. Peter smiled. "I do," he said and Sarah felt a jolt of electricity pass through their fingers. 

"And do you, Queen Sarah, also promise the same? To stay with King Peter unto death?" The lion's eyes looked directly into her soul. 

"I do," Sarah was amazed at how easy the words rolled out of her mouth.

"Then, I pronounce you husband and wife," he glanced at Peter with a big cat grin. "You may kiss the bride." 

And that's what Sarah and Peter did.

------- Ten years later 

The sound of horses' hooves thundered in the warm air. All around the five King and Queens, the vibrant red and orange color of fall could be seen. 

"Hurry! I can see it! There! Just around the bend!" Shouted Peter's voice. Sarah grinned. They were after the white stag. Rumor was that if they caught the animal, one wish would be granted to all of them. For Sarah, she knew what she wanted. 

For the Professor to come here to Narnia. If only he could see us now! 

The thought of seeing the Professor caused her blood to boil from the thrill of the chase. She giggled. He would be so shocked at how old they were! She was now twenty seven, as was Peter. In fact, they were all ten years older from when they had first come to Narnia. 

Edmund's horse, Philip, whinnied from ahead, and everyone was forced to a hard stop. 

"Can we take a bit of a breather?" Asked Edmund. 

"What's that Ed?" Asked Susan. 

"Someone said for us girls to go back to the castle and I'll catch the stag myself!" Teased Sarah in her best manly voice. Everyone chuckled. 

"Hullo, what's this?" Sarah turned around on hearing her husband's confused voice. She followed his gaze and gasped.

It was a lamppost growing out of the ground. Sarah wasn't sure why, but something about this place made her feel uneasy. As if she had been here before, but couldn't remember when. 

"It seems familiar," said Peter. 

"Funny, I was just thinking the same thing," she told him. "As if in the dream of a dream," whispered Susan. 

"Spare Oom!" Exclaimed Lucy, excited once she realized where they were. 

Wait a minute! Of course, the wardrobe! This was where we first came into Narnia! The revelation shocked Sarah to the core. 

"Peter," she swallowed as her voice had become dry. "Yes my love?" He asked, pressing his lips against her's. "This is," she took a deep breath, "This is where we first came into Narnia!" She explained. He looked just as shocked as she. 

"By the Lion's Mane, she's right!" Agreed Edmund. 

Sarah pulled away and eagerly began searching for any sign of the fur coats. She wanted to see the Professor and to tell him all about their adventures. For him to revisit the land he had last seen as a boy. 

He will be overjoyed Thought Sarah, and stopped in her tracks. She blinked in disbelief. There, hanging on a fir branch in front of her was a fur coat. 

They are still here! She was unable to contain her excitement and darted forward. Lucy bolted past her. 

"Lucy!" Exclaimed Peter. 

Someone bumped into Sarah. "Ouch, stop it!" She demanded, and kicked a leg in front of her. "Hey!" Replied Peter's voice. Was it her imagination or did his voice sound less like a man's and more like a child's? 

"Perhaps we should-" she began, but someone shoved her particularly hard and she found herself tumbling out of the wardrobe and landing on hardwood floor. 

"Ouch!" She yelped as Peter landed on top of her again. He quickly got off and apologized. It was then with disappointment that Sarah realized they were back at their normal ages on earth. 

Footsteps sounded from behind the door, jolting Sarah from her troubled thoughts. The MacReady! She suddenly remembered that they had been running from the woman. The door handle turned, and opened. 

"Goodness gracious," exclaimed a bewildered Professor. Sarah smiled and let out the breath she had been holding. 

The professor narrowed his eyes, which twinkled like stars. "Now what were you all doing in the wardrobe?" All the children glanced at each other and nervously chuckled. 

"You wouldn't believe us, if we told you sir," said Peter, weary of the awkwardness of the situation. The Professor straightened his back and tossed a cricket ball to Peter. Sarah laughed. 

"Try me," he whispered.


Also, I'm on another website and my name is different on that, but I created this FanFic. I just have a different username on this site. 

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