The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


4. Narnia

Chapter Four

Later that night, Sarah sat on on her bad and decided to open her grandfather's journal.

April 22

I can hear strange noises coming from my Uncle's room. Knocking noises accompanied by the screaming of animals which my Uncle has performed experiments on. But the room is forbidden. I am not permitted to enter. 

April 25

It has been silent in the room for nearly three days. I do not know if my Uncle Andrew is alive. He has not come down for supper or requested it be brought up to him. I am beginning to get worried.

April 27

It has now been quiet in my Uncle's room for five days. I have also met a girl from next door named Polly. 

Sarah was about to turn the page when she heard soft footsteps in the hall outside her bedroom. Yawning, she glanced at the grandfather clock in her room and saw that it was nearly midnight. She frowned. 

Who would be sneaking around this time of night? She wondered, and got up to investigate. 

Getting out of bed, she put on her slippers and wandered into the hall. She was just in time to hear the toilet flush, and saw Edmund at the opposite end of the hall. His hands shoved into pockets, he didn't turn in the direction of where the bedrooms were. Instead, he went up the stairs. Deciding to follow him, Sarah cautiously placed one foot in front of the other.

It wasn't until she had been following him for a few minutes where she realized he was going. The spare room, with the wardrobe. She furrowed her brow, wondering why on earth he would choose to go there out of all places.

She watched as Edmund walked to the wardrobe, and say, "Lucy, hope your not afraid of the dark," in a taunting voice. He shut the wardrobe's door behind him. 

Sarah paused, and nervously glanced at the door. Biting her lip, she debated whether or not to go inside. Surely there wasn't anywhere else for him to go? She mulled over the possibility of Edmund actually believing Lucy's story about Narnia.

Sarah waited a few minutes for Edmund to emerge. When he didn't, she shrugged her shoulders and decided to investigate. I only hope my curiosity doesn't kill me, she thought worriedly.

Opening the wardrobe, Sarah was startled when a cold breeze blew into her face. She stepped forward and shut he door behind her. Shivering, her teeth chattered as if it was in the middle of winter. 

"Gaaaah!" Exclaimed Sarah as she tripped, and face planted into wet, white powder. Quickly getting up, she stared in awe at the forest around her. Pine trees covered with snow surrounded her. Snowflakes twirled down in an intricate dance before gently landing on the ground. 

It's true! She thought, her neck tingling with nervous excitement. But then, that must mean Edmund is here too? I wonder where he could have gone?

Sarah decided to explore a little. Grabbing one of the fur coats, she put it on and marched forward. 

Trudging through the thick snow with some difficulty, she eventually came to a lamppost. Doing a double take, she realized that the metal post actually appeared to be stuck in the ground itself. 

Amazing! It's growing out of the the ground like the trunk of a tree!

Walking away from the lamppost, she presently heard voices. Creeping forward so as to be silent, she got down on her stomach and peeked across the edge of the snow bank. Eyes scanning the scene before her, she gasped when she saw Edmund with a woman clothed in white. Sarah shook her head. 

It's the same woman from my nightmares! She thought, and began to panic. If this was really her, which was undoubtedly the case, did that mean her other dreams would come true? She strained to hear the conversation. 

"And how many of there are you?" The woman asked Edmund as he devoured Turkish Delight. 

"Five. Three are family, but there's also a girl called Sarah. She's really quite clumsy," he grumbled between mouthfuls. 

Sarah blinked back the tears. How dare he talked that way about her! After all her grandfather had done for them, couldn't he be at least a little appreciative?

"I should very much like to meet them. Do you think you could bring them to me?" Asked the woman, almost motherly like in the way she spoke. 

"I could try. I doubt they will believe me about Narnia though," Edmund hesitated. 

"Please. Try. For me," the woman begged almost desperately. 

"Well, I guess I can. By the way, can I have one more bite of Turkish Delight?" He asked.

"No!" Snapped the woman, her eyes blazing with fury. Sarah watched as Edmund took a step back. The woman then offered him a soft smile. 

"But when you return with your siblings and the girl, you can have all the Turkish Delight you earn for," she explained. 

Sarah didn't trust this woman one bit. 

"Farewell, Son of Adam! May we meet again!" She shouted in a melodic tune. The snap of a whip cracked, and the sleigh took off. 

Scrambling from her hiding spot, Sarah quickly made it back to the lamppost. She was just about to head for where the trees mixed in with the coats when a tiny voice called out to her. 

"Sarah? Oh it is you, Sarah! Isn't it wonderful?" Squealed Lucy with the joy of a child at Christmas time.

Footsteps crunched in the snow behind them, and Sarah looked up to see Edmund sulking. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, and glowered at the girls when they saw him. Lucy grabbed his hand. 

"Edmund! You're here too! Now the others will have to believe us!" She said, grabbing Sarah with her other hands and dragging them back into the wardrobe. 

The tumbled out of the wardrobe and into the room. Lucy took off running, while Sarah hung up her coat. She felt Edmund staring at her. Turning around, she noticed that his eyes seemed different. 

As if they were void of all emotion, like a zombie, she thought, and shivered.

She wanted to ask him about the woman, about what she had told him. But she was afraid he would become even more upset. She followed him out of the room. 

When they found the other children, Lucy was babbling about how Narnia was real. Her eyes brightly lit up when she saw Sarah and Edmund enter the bedroom. 

"And this time, Sarah and Ed went with me too!" She looked at them expectantly, as did Peter and Susan.

Do I tell them? What will they think of me? Wondered Sarah, her eyes darting nervously as if she had been a disobedient child caught in the act. She glanced at Edmund. Her heart fell when he shook his head. 

"Well he actually didn't see the faun- what were you doing Ed?" She asked him. 

"I was just playing along. I'm sorry Peter, I shouldn't have encouraged her. But you know how little children are these days. They just don't know when to stop pretending," he said haughtily. Lucy burst into tears. 

"I saw it!" Sarah said, the words tumbling out of her mouth. She didn't know why, but seeing Lucy so sad had triggered something inside of her to speak up for the poor girl. 

"It was a forest, with ice, and snow. Edmund was there. He met Lucy and I. He was with a woman," she explained and took a deep breath. 

Edmund stared the floor, shifting from one foot to the other.

"Ed? Is Sarah telling the truth? You were with a woman?" Asked Lucy, carefully studying him. He shook his head, and glared at her to be quiet. 

Sarah watched the heated exchange between the two siblings. Edmund suddenly spun around and walked out of the room. She lunged and caught hold of his shirt. 

"Let go," he demanded, gritting his teeth. Sarah gasped, and did as he said. She sensed pain, hate and anger, and knew that to annoy with him would mean trouble. 

"I'm sorry, Lu," Peter began, "But right now, your Narnia doesn't seem possible. Go to sleep. I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning," he said in a soft whisper. 

Lucy finally let the tears come. Like raindrops on the window, so to did Lucy's silver tears trickle down her face. Rushing past Sarah, she ran out of the room. 


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