The Lost Princess (A Narnia FanFic)


8. Confession of the Heart


Chapter Eight

Running with the speed of a horse, Sarah quickly arrived where the other girls were. To her astonishment and horror, she found them clinging to the branches of a giant oak tree. The same large wolf from before was leaping up and snapping at their feet. Peter arrived shortly after, and as he drew his sword, she aimed her wand at the wolf. 

"Come on! We've already been over this. We both know you haven't got it in you," snarled the wolf, like a bully taunting his prey. Cold beads of sweat trickled down Sarah's forehead as she nervously waited Peter's response. 

A wolf yelped, and Sarah smiled when she saw Aslan had the large wolf's companion trapped beneath his paw. 

"Stay your weapons. This is Peter's battle!" Roared Aslan, his voice radiating strength and power.

Bowing her head, Sarah moved to Aslan's side. Still, she tightly gripped her wand, just in case. If this wolf killed Peter, she wanted to be the one to take revenge for his death.

"You may think you're a king, and that girl is your queen," the wolf's eyes met Sarah's, and her mouth dropped open. She looked at Peter, who's hand was now shaking. The wolf chuckled. 

"I saw the way you looked at her back at the falls. But the question is, does she love you back?" Asked the wolf. 

Inhaling sharply, Sarah wondered if the wolf was speaking the truth. 

Is it true? Does Peter love me back? 

"But we all know, that you're going to die, like a dog!" Exclaimed the wolf, leaping off the ground and lunging at Peter.

"Peter!" Screamed Sarah, Susan and Lucy at the same time. Both bodies appeared lifeless, with the wolf's on top of Peter. Susan and Lucy shoved the wolf off, as Sarah sighed with relief when she saw Peter was alive. He looked shaken, but wasn't wounded. 

He looked up at her, astonishment written all over his face. Tears streamed down her face as Peter wrapped his arms around her, and then the others as they came to embrace him. 

Hearing a noise behind them, Sarah glanced up to see that Aslan had let the other wolf leave. 

What is he doing? The wolf will tell the witch where we are! She thought worriedly as Aslan turned to Orious.

"Follow him. He will lead you to Edmund," the lion told the Centaur. Then turning to face Peter, "Peter, clean your sword." 

Sarah beamed with pride as Aslan placed a paw on Peter's right shoulder, and did the same on the other. "Rise, Sir. Peter Wolf's - Bane, Knight of Narnia!" 

Peter turned, and smiling, grabbed Sarah's hand. She was startled by the sudden movement, and yelped as he dragged her away from the others. 

What's he doing? She wondered as they headed away from the river and camp.


Peter could not believe what had just happened. He had been knighted by Aslan! 

A real knight! Wait until I tell mum and dad, he thought proudly, then realized they wouldn't believe him about Narnia. They would probably have him admitted to a mental ward and evaluated for insanity. 

He was also disappointed about the wolf revealing to Sarah what he thought about her. Yes, he had cast a glance of admiration at her back at the waterfall. But he also couldn't admit his feelings for her. Especially the first time they had met at the Professor's mansion.

But how does she feel about me? Would she be willing to be my girlfriend? Does she like me? Shaking his head, he needed to know the answers to his questions. 

She was incredibly beautiful, with her blond hair shining gold in the sun, and her ocean blue eyes were always filled with determination. A determination to be something more than the traditional role society expected her to fulfill. 

Now, as they backtracked around camp, Peter wanted to show her where Aslan had taken him. He only hoped she would like it.

"Peter, hold on!" Exclaimed Sarah, laughing. He reluctantly did so, and waited for her as she caught her breath. 

"Where-" she paused, and heaved in a gulp of air. "Where are we going?" She asked, curious.

His eyes brightened. "It's a surprise," he said, grinning, and grabbed her hand again.

I hope she will like it, thought Peter, the doubt troubling his mind. He was going to take her where Aslan had taken him when he had first talked with the Great Lion. Of course she'll like it, he tried to encourage himself.

Finally, they arrived. Peter smiled when he heard Sarah gasp at the sight which greeted them. As if done by an artist, hues of purple, orange and red streaked across the sky. The sun set low on the horizon, appearing to be on even level with the ocean. Also in front of them was the shadowy outline of Cair Paravel. It's towers spiraling hundreds of feet into the air. 

"It's amazing!" Peter heard Sarah whisper in awe at the beauty surrounding them. He looked down at her, and their eyes met. 

"I'm glad you like it," he said. 

"Like it? Peter, I love it! Thank for sharing this with me today. It really means a lot," she admitted. Watching as her eyes went down to their intertwined fingers, Peter wondered what she was thinking. 

"What is it?" He asked, wanting to know her thoughts. She slowly lifted her head. 

"Peter, is what the wolf said true? That you," she swallowed, "That you love me?" Her eyes flickered with hope.

Sighing, Peter let go of her hand and stared at Cair Paravel. How could he tell her the truth? He looked at her and nodding, told her how he felt. 

"Yes, Sarah, it's true. I do love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" 


Sarah suddenly found her mouth dry. Out of all the things She had been expecting Peter to say, asking her to be his girlfriend was the least of them. Fingers tingling, she knew that she needed to answer him. The only problem was, she couldn't find the courage to tell him. 

Peter looked at her, patiently waiting for an answer. "Yes, Peter. I will be your girlfriend," she replied, the tears streaming down her cheeks. Peter slipped his arms around her waist and tightly hugged her. 

When they finally came back to the camp, it was nearly dark. The only light they had was the flickering of torches. The two Pevensie girls and Aslan greeted them. Sarah bowed her head when she saw the Great Lion. 

"Dearest. I am happy for you and Peter. But now, I wish to speak with you alone," he demanded of her. 

What does he want with me? First Peter, now me. Perhaps it's only a coincidence, thought Sarah, confused as she followed the Lion into his ten.

Now seated on plush pillows in front of Aslan, Sarah listened to him as he talked.

"I hope you are adjusting to life here in Narnia?" He asked, his gold eyes filled with kindness. Nodding, Sarah told him what she wanted. "I would like to go home, though. Aslan, when this is over, will I be able to leave?" She asked. 

"That remains to be seen. But tell me, Child, there is something else that troubles you," he suggested, hinting that he knew her thoughts. 

Yes. How does he know? She wondered. "Yes sir. Snow, a horse back on earth, believes I have Narnian blood. Is this true?"

His magnificent eyes bore into her own, and for once, she was shocked to discover she could hold his gaze. 

"Yes, Dear One. For you are the lost princess of Narnia."


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