Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


9. Chapter 9 - My Ex-Boyfriend

Paisley's P.O.V: I wake up. My body is facing the window. I turn my head to see Michael, He is staring at me. 

"Good morning beautiful." He tells me. 

"Hi" I say, My voice sounding quiet and sweet but tired. 

"I could watch you sleep all day." He says. 

I Sit up and i peck his lips. I get up out of bed and put my clothes back on. which is basically just my sleeping with sirens T-shirt. Im too lazy to put my pants back on. I jump back in bed. Michael and I start planning out the day. Our conversation gets interrupted by my phone. I turn to the bed side table and grab my phone to see who is calling. I Answer it. 

"Hello?" I say

"Hey Paisley! Its Lance!" He says back

Oh shit my ex. My eyes grew wide and i tripped off the bed to go somewhere private to talk. I went into the hall way.

"H-Hey Lance! How is texas?" I ask.

"Im actually here is Australia!" Lance replys.


"For what?" 

"just for a convention, My mom wanted me to go with her so im here!" He says happily.

"Cool." I say.

"Where are you We could meet up?" he asks

"Im here downtown but there is a coffee shop near my high school we can meet there." i say

"Okay see you in a hour." 

I hang up the phone and go back to Michael.

Michael's P.O.V: I go to the door to see what Paisley and this person are talking about. She begins to open the door and i run my naked ass back to the bed. 

"Hey who was that on the phone?" i ask as she walks in the door.

"Oh im sorry. that was my ex. he is here and he wants to meet. come with me?" She asks.

"sure ill come. make sure he doesnt try anything." i say. 

She giggles and runs to the bed to kiss me. we both get up and get dressed. we clean the room and leave. While we were driving in the car i decide to talk to her about her ex.

"So what happened to you and this guy?" I ask

"Well we dated for about 3 months, He told me he loved me and i didnt feel the same way, I told him i needed to think about it and he yelled at me and slapped me. He ended up trying to have his way with me. I pushed him off and ran as fast as i could. The next day he apologized and I broke up with him. we broke up 4 months ago. sometimes i feel that he isnt over me. but we've been friends ever since." She says 

"He did what?" I ask angrily

"Michael its fine, dont worry about it. Its in the past."  she says calming me down. 

"Um whats his name?" i ask

"His name? its Lance." She says 

"Is he hot?" I ask 

"Nope not as hot as you." We both laugh.

We arrive at the cafe and we look to see him inside. He was tall, he had black hair and he had crystal blue eyes. He had a ear piercing and tattoos covering his arms. Holy Fuck, He's got the bad boy thing down. we park the car and we walk inside. We see Lance's eyes widen as he see's Paisley. Psh. 

"Paisley!" He screams as he runs to hug her

"Hey Lance, Long time no see." Paisley says as she seems uncomfortable hugging him.

"Who is this?" He asks

"Im Michael." I say

"He is my boyfriend." Paisley says.

I see Lance get that saddened look. Oh well. He walks us over to our table, Paisley and him start to catch up. 

"So Paisley how did you and Michael meet?" he asks. 

"We live next door from one another but we officially met at school." 

"Oh well thats nice, hey our moms talked and we are gonna be staying at your house.." He reply's. 

"what." I ask before my phone starts going off. Its a text from my mom. Great. 

Mrs. Clifford: Hey Michael the boys are here for band practice come home now.

"Hey guys i gtg, Band practice." I say.

"Aww do you have to?" Paisley asks.

"Yup, I love you." I peck her cheek and whisper in her ear 

"If he trys anything, tell me right away." she nods and i leave.

Paisley's P.O.V: Michael has just left and Lance starts to move close to me. Im getting pretty worried. He has gotten so close that i can smell his cologne. It has...that strong scent. My phone starts to ring. saved by the bell.

"Hey i gtg. i have homework. see you later at home." I say. 

Before he can say bye im already out the door. Its gonna be a long couple days. 

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