Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


7. Chapter 7 - Monday's are not fun days...

Ashton's P.O.V: I don't remember exactly what happened last night, But for some reason....I saw Paisley in a different light. I don't know- is it just because i saw Jean mouth raping someone else. I remember her ditching me and going home with that person. Maybe i should see Paisley again to see if the feelings are true. 

Michael's P.O.V: Why the FUCK did Luke have to have a party on a Sunday? I think since his parents are out of town for the week, He is gonna wait for the last minute to clean up the house. I don't remember anything at all from last night. Maybe ill go on twitter to look at photo's to remind me. I go to twitter and log in. Well there is a picture of Jean attacking someone's mouth. I can see Ashton in the background looking pissed as fuck. I guess they broke up. Thats the only picture i could find. At 7:30am My alarm goes off. I start getting ready for school. I wear the usual Black skinny's, shoes, and t-shirt. I wear sun glasses because i have a massive hangover. I walk next door to pick up Paisley. she answers the door and we walk to school. 

"Hey Paisley do you remember anything from last night?" I ask.

"Yah I remember, We danced, Laughed, took a few shots, and we kissed alot" She giggles.

"Well seems like we had a amazing time!" We both laughed.

We arrive at school and we spot Ashton and Luke. 

"Hey guys!" I say, they both turn around. Ashton's eye's grew wide.

Ashton's P.O.V: Fuck. There she is. She looks really pretty. But i cant think of her this way. She is with Michael. The bell rings and Paisley, Luke and I head to homeroom. 

"Hey Paisley, Have you seen jean anywhere?"

"Ashton why are you hung up over this girl? She clearly isn't loyal." Luke says.

"Well no Ashton i haven't seen her but she did text me. Her mom found her with the boy in her bed. Her mom is so over protective that she is going to an all girl school." Paisley laughs. 

"Well okay." I try not to crack a smile. 

The rest of the day was pointless. I couldn't even look at Michael without acting weird. Im so stupid. 

Paisley's P.O.V: I walk home alone from school because Michael has band practice. Ashton was acting weird today. I feel bad for him, He lost Jean, But then again, she did stick her tongue down some other guys throat. Once i walk in the door my mom starts yelling at me. 

"Why did you come home at 3am last night?" My mom asks.

"Well i guess i lost track of time. At least im making friends." I reply.

"That does not give you the right to come home at 3am!" My mom argue's.

"Im sorry i promise i wont do it again." I say.

"Your not sorry! Were you with that boy next door?" My mom asks.

"His name is Michael mom." I say.

"I don't care! Your grounded and the next time you do something like this, you wont be able to Michael again." She yells.

I go upstairs freaked out. Its really not like me to come home so late. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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