Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


5. Chapter 5 - Getting ready for Luke's Party.

Michael's P.O.V: I get a text from Luke at 1pm. He tells me that he is throwing a party, since his parents are away for the week. Right after i get the text i call Paisley. 

After 2 rings she answers the phone:

"Hiya Mikey"

"Hai Paisley, Luke is throwing a party tonight wanna go?"

"YES!!! What time is it?"

"I actually dont know but ill come get you at 7 okay?"

"Yah okay, bye Michael see you tonight!" 

"bye-bye See you"

I Hang up the phone and i just lay around the house doing the usual, Video games, Pokemon, Sleeping. Finally it turns 6:45 and i start getting ready. 

Paisley's P.O.V: Michael calls me around 1pm asking me to go to a party at Luke's. Of course i say yes. I never get invited to party's. After i get off the phone with him, I go straight to the mall (Girly i know but i dont have a dress) I walk in the mall for at least 2 hours. Then finally a dress catches my eye. I walk in the store and look around until i find the dress. Its soooo...ME! Its a short strapless black dress, Its like a casual dress you could wear to school or a party, Well what a coincidence!, I happen to be going to a party tonight! I grab the dress off the rack and head for the register. The nice lady puts the dress in a bag. I leave the mall and I go home to start getting ready. Its already 4:30pm and I start to put my outfit together. I lay out the Black dress and and put a red flannel shirt to go with it. then i add a black choker with my black converse. It was the perfect outfit! I curl my hair and got dressed. I start to do my make up and suddenly I hear a knock on my door. Its 7pm. 

Michael's P.O.V: I Knock on Paisley's door. I hope i look okay. Im wearing a shirt that has an eagle on it. Over that i have on a leather jacket. The usual black skinny jeans and black shoes. Im also wearing all my braclets and im wearing a snapback. I wait by my car and she comes out slowly trying to make that dramatic entrance. It works.

"WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING!!" My mouth literally drops to the floor.

"Haha Thanks! you look hot" She says. 

we both laugh and I peck her cheek. I open the car door for her and we head to the party. 


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