Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


21. Chapter 20 - Mondays with Michael

Paisley's POV: 

Monday rolls around and I get excited. Michael wants to spend lunch with me and we agreed on pranking Ashton today. My mother didn't leave her room for the rest of the weekend. She was just hiding. My guess was she was embarrassed. She used to get drunk all the time when my dad was around. 

My dad would mess up their marriage. He would sleep around and abuse me. Abuse my mother. She started drinking when this was going on. He left and she sobered up. I just want it to stay that way. I hope she doesn't get drunk anytime soon. 

As soon as im done brushing my teeth and take out my messy bun. Michael texts me 

Michael: Have I ever told you that you look really good in my shirt :) 

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I look down at the shirt im wearing. Michaels shirt that he left here this weekend. Is he here? 

I walk out of my bathroom and nobody is there. What? 

I shrug it off and walk over to my desk to get some clothes for school. I open the bottom drawer and get my underwear and bra. I soon as im about to close the drawer someone grabs me and picks me up bridal style. I scream of course. I hear someone laughing and I look up to see Michael. He drops me off on the bed and hovers over me. 

"Michael what the hell?" I ask trying not to crack a smile

"What?" He laughs 

"Where were you?" 

"In your closet." 

"How did you get in?" 

"You leave your balcony door unlocked." He laughs 

"Did you get my text?" He whispers in my ear 

"Yes. I got your text." I say 

He looks at me and bites his lip before coming down to kiss me. I try to pull away but he keeps in the same spot. He moves from my lips to my neck and starts kissing it all over. 

"Michael" I whine 

"Mhm?" He asks still kissing my neck 

"We have school" 


"I need to get dressed" I whine again

"Can you wear my shirt to school?" 

"I wore it to bed though" I laugh 

"I wear my shirts to bed then school all the time. Take this one for example." He says and I laugh again 

"Okay just get off me so I get leggings." I says he groans then gets ups 

I get up off the bed and grab my bra and panties I dropped on the floor. 

"That ass." Michael says under his breath. I wasn't supposed to hear that 

I smile and look at him. His eyes grow wide and he laughs rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. 

"Your ass is nice too." I say and he laughs 

"Are you wearing a bra under my shirt?" He asks raising his eyebrow

He can probably see my boobs through his shirt. 

"Nope." I say popping the 'p' which just makes him smile and bite his lip 

He is just so happy my bare boobs are touching the fabric of his shirt. 

I walk over to the bathroom and close the door. I take off Michael's shirt and put on the bra. I put back on the shirt and take off my underwear. I walk over to throw them in the hamper and I turn around to see Michael in the bathroom doorway. 

"Michael Im changing!" 

"Nothing I haven't seen before." He smirks 

"Whatever." I roll my eyes playfully 

~At school~

Michael and I walk into school and we find Luke, Ashton and Calum. 

"Hey guys." Michael and I say in unison 

"Hey. Paisley are you wearing Michael's shirt?" Calum asks 

"Yes. Now people know she is mine." Michael says and we laugh. 

The bell rings and me and Michael go our separate ways and I walk to class with Luke and Ashton 

"So what happened after y'all left my house?" I ask 

"Nothing we just went to Ashton's" Luke says 

"We should all do something this weekend." Ashton says 

"Like what?" I ask him 

"I don't know. Maybe go to a club or something?" Ashton asks and I laugh 

"Ash. Were only 17." 

"Im 18." Ashton says and I laugh again

"So? I don't think we will be able to get in." 

"You dont have a fake ID?" Luke asks 

"Nope." I say 

"We need to get you one." Luke and Ash say in unison. 

I roll my eyes playfully. 

"Okay." I say 


I walk in the music room to find Michael playing with the guitar. 

"Hey." I say and he snaps his head up and smiles 

"Hey." He smiles and puts the guitar down to walk over to me. 

He kisses my cheek and wraps his arms around my waist

"Ready to prank some people?" He asks and I laugh 

"Yup. Lets do this." 

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