Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


20. Chapter 19 - Sundays with Paisley

Michael's POV: 

"Babe this movie is boring!" I whine

"Stop being such a baby! This is a good movie!" 

"What is this movie called?" 

"Love Actually." 

"Well it's boring." 

"It's not! We're not even 7 minutes into it yet!" 

"It is boring." 





"Just shut up and watch the movie." 

After about what felt like hours. We came up on a wedding scene." 

I look at Paisley, She looks so beautiful. 

"Why are you staring at me?" She asks keeping her eyes on the screen. 

"I'm not." I quickly turn my attention to the screen. 

In the movie, They get married and all these people start singing the song 'All you need is love' It catches the bride by surprise. 

"That is what our wedding will be like." I say

"We are getting married?" She asks 

"Paisley, i'm going to marry you." I say looking at her

She giggles and turns her attention towards me. 

She holds out her pinky. 

"Promise?" She raises her eyebrows 

"Pinky promise." I say. our pinky's now hugging each other. 

"Michael, are you pre-proposing to me?" She questions 

"Yup" I say popping the 'p' 

"What if we break up?" 

"We get back together. We are soul mates." I say 

"We are soul mates." She says through giggles 

"Yes we are. Now can we watch a different movie?" 

"Okay, what do you want to watch?" 

"I don't know." 



"The other guys?" 

"Yes please." 

She rests her head on my shoulder and turns on the movie 

"So tomorrow is monday." I say half way through the movie. 


"Meet me in the music room before lunch okay?" I say 

"Okay why?" 

"No reason, i just want to spend my lunch with you. Just you." 




"Maybe okay will be our always." I smirk 

"Shut the fuck up with that tfios bullshit." she says looking at me with her chin resting on my shoulder

"Sorry. Can't help myself." I laugh 

"I know you can't." She giggles 

I look at her and peck at her lips. 

"If you could use a couple from a movie or show what couple would we be?" I ask her

"I think we would be like Jim and Pam from the office." 

"Why Jim and Pam?" 

"I don't know. They love each other and they are funny and they play pranks on dwight and stuff." 

"Wanna prank someone?" I ask her

"Yes! Who?" 

"Ashton." I say without thinking 


"I don't know...he was eyeing you last night. He kissed you. He knows your my girlfriend yet he still kissed you." 

She gives a look of disapproval.  

"Okay." She sighs 

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