Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


17. Chapter 16 - Up all night

Paisley's POV:

After we eat our food. Michael and I head straight for the store. As soon as we walk in. Something catches Michael's eye. He runs off. I run after him.

"Michael why did you run?" I say catching my breath 

"Pizza pajamas!" 

Michael hold up the PJ's. The shirt is black with a Pizza printed on it and the pants are just a collage of pizza. 

I try to hold in my laugh "You such a child." 

"I know. I'm buying them." 

"Okay. Let's go get food." 

We walk around the store trying to find the food aisle. We find it and start grabbing whatever is on the shelf. 

We start walking to the cash registers when Michael stops me. 

"Let's go to the self check out"

"Why?" I ask

"The cashiers always try to find away to judge people." 



"Ugh fine." 

We walk out of the store with 5 bags of everything. Gummy bears, chips, candy, red bull, other energy drinks. 

Right when we walk into the house Michael runs into the restroom. Then he comes out 2 minutes later in his pizza pajamas. 

"Aw. you look adorable." I say teasing 

"I always look adorable." He says like a 5 year old girl. 

I laugh and start taking everything out of the bags. 

"Do you have any matching pajamas?" Michael asks 

"Actually yes i do." I say with a smile 

"Go put them on." He orders 

"Okay i'll be right back." I peck his cheek and run upstairs. 

3 Minutes later i come back downstairs in my Ice cream printed pajamas. My shirt is white and has a ice cream cone on it and the shorts are a light pink with ice cream cones printed on them. 

"Wow! They look like mine!" Michael says 

"Yup. Now we're that couple that match." I say 

"Yay!" Michael runs over to me and picks me up in a hug and spins me around. 

"Let's watch a movie." I say still off the floor. 

"Okay." He says laughing as he runs me over to couch. we both laugh. 

I scroll through netflix trying to find something. I see a flash out of the corner of my eye. 

"Michael!" I yell


"I saw that!" 

"Saw what?" He asks trying to look confused 

"Delete that picture!" I demand 

"Sorry, It's already on twitter." 

"I hate you." 

"I love you." He says 

"I guess i love you too." 

"That's my girl!" He yells with joy

We finally settle on a movie. Step brothers. I love this movie. 

Were 30 minutes into the movie when the doorbell starts ringing. 

"Who is at the door at 1 in the morning?" I ask

"I don't know." 

Michael and I go to the door, Not even looking out the window or anything. We open it and standing in front of us are Luke, Calum and Ashton. 

I don't think this is the right time for Michael and Ashton to be in the same room. Michael will rip his head off. 

"Well don't you two look adorable." Calum teases. 

"We saw the picture on twitter. We want to spend the night over here to." Luke says.

Ashton just stays quiet. Not making eye contact with Michael. 

I look over at Michael and he looks tense and i can feel the anger that is rising within him.  

They invite themselves in and make themselves at home. 

Michael looks at me and I put my hand on one side of his face and kiss him. 

"Just stay by me. It's gonna be okay." 

"Okay." He whispers to me. He kisses me once more before we join the guys in the living room. 

"Oh Step brothers! I love this movie." Calum says plopping himself on the couch. 

It's gonna be a long night. 

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