Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


16. Chapter 15 - Waking up

Michael's POV:

I find myself waking up in Paisley's bed. It's dark out. I turn on my phone to check the time. 11pm. The events that Paisley and I shared replayed in my head. Which makes me smile. I glance over at Paisley who is still sleeping peacefully. She is so beautiful. How did i become so lucky? She is still buried in my chest and my arms are still wrapped around her. I draw small circles on her back. 

I hear a giggle.

"That tickles." I hear her say through her giggles. 

"You're awake i see." I say

"What time is it?" She says sounding tired and her eyes closed 

"11. You should wake up. I don't want to spend my night alone." 

She giggles again.

"What?" I ask with a confused laugh

"We slept all day." 


"Were a pair of lazy asses." We both laugh. 

"I should take a shower. Wanna join me?" I ask. 

"You go ahead i just want to lay here for awhile." I nod and get up out of the bed. 

"i'll be back in a little bit." i kiss her forehead and go to the bathroom. 

Paisley's POV: 

"ill be back in a little bit." He kisses my forehead and goes to the bathroom. 

I grab my phone to see what time it was. 


"Wow guess he wasn't lying."

I check my phone to see if my mom texted me. Instead I have a text from the last person i want to talk to. 


Ashton: I hope what happened yesterday didn't ruin our friendship. Please don't tell Michael. He will beat the shit out of me. 

I decide to text him back. 

Paisley: You're still my best friend. oh and oops. He surprised me this morning. I uh kinda told him. 

After about 2 minutes my phone goes off. 

Ashton: Great. I guess i'm moving. 

Paisley: Ash. that isn't funny

Ashton: Did you two break up? 

Paisley: Nope. Instead something magical happened ;)

Ashton: I can't believe you just told me that. 

Paisley: Sorry. 

Ashton: No your not.

Paisley: I know :) 

Michael finally comes back in the room. With a towel wrapped around his waist. Thank you Michael. For fucking with my emotions. I bite down on my lip and end the conversation with Ashton.

Paisley: i'll text you later. Michael just got out of the shower. 

Ashton: k bai 

I put my phone down and get out of bed. He admires my body up and down. 

"What?" I ask him 

He smirks. I just realized i'm still naked. 

I walk up to him and wrap my arms around him. He is still looking at my body. I lift his head up with my fingers.

"My eyes are up here blondie." 

"I will never get used to how amazing your body is." He says pressing his lips against mine. 

"We should clean up my room a little." I say pulling away. 

"Oh we could mess it up more." He smirks. 

"Michael" I whine 

"Paisley" He whines back 

"As much as i would love to mess up my room with you. I have to clean it." 

"Urg. Fine." He finally agrees. 

We both get dressed and clean my room. We finally get settled on the bed. 

"So what now?" Michael asks 

"I'm pretty hungry." 

"Anything in mind?" 

"Pizza?" I suggest

"Oh my god YES." He yells with excitement. 

"i'll go downstairs and order."


"Just plain pepperoni?"

"Yes please." 

"Okay be back in 10." 

I go downstairs and get the house phone. I dial the restaurant and order. 

I get off the phone and someone picks me up, and i get placed over their shoulders. I scream and laugh at the same time. I glance down and see Michael laughing under me.

"Michael put me the fuck down!" I yell playfully 

"Give me a reason." 

"I just ordered 2 pizza's. I will gladly not share with you." 

With that he sets me down. 

"Pizza is always a good reason." He says. 

I playfully roll my eyes and open the fridge. 

I pull out 2 cans of soda and slide one over to Michael. 

"You and me are gonna pull a all nighter." I say raising both my eyebrows and taking a sip of my soda. 

"Okay i'm in. We're gonna need more than soda though." He says chuckling. 

"After we eat let's go to the store and stock up on caffeine and junk food." I say. 

"Okay." He smiles and presses his lips against mine. 

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