Our first love.

Paisley was a normal girl. She had just moved to Sydney with her mother who she doesn't have the best relationship with. What happens when the Boy next door could possibly change her life? What happens when the Girl next door changes his life?


11. Chapter 11 - Michael's Jealousy

Michael's P.O.V: Its 3am, Im still laying in my bed, with Paisley sleeping in my arms. I decide to call Ashton and tell him what happened since Paisley and him are like best friends. I get up off the bed, and i walk around the room waiting for him to pick up. He picks up the phone after 6 rings.

"Dude its 3am whatcha want?" He says yawning.

I tell him what happens and he sounds like he is crying. 

"Oh my God, ill be right over!" He says panicking. He hangs up. I stand in silence for about 5 minutes, I go to the couch to sit and i hit my knee on my desk.

"Shit" I yell quietly. I turn to see I woke her up. I stand up straight, pretending i didnt hurt myself. She sits up and rubs her eyes. She gives me a small smile. 

"I called Ashton and told him what happened, He is coming over now." 

"Good, I could use one of Ash's hugs." She says. 

"You gotta love his hugs." We both laugh. Ashton walks in the door. 

"Hey Leafy." Ashton says. 

Leafy? nickname? Im confused. More confused than i am with math. What's happening right now?  

"Sup Bandana Boy." She says giggling. He walks over to the bed and hugs her really tightly. My smile starts to fade.  I feel this really weird feeling, Rage and Intimidation. Am i jealous? I shouldn't feel this way. He is like her best friend. They are still hugging. They continue to hug for about another minute, as i stand there awkwardly. He kissed the top of her head and he got up to leave. 

"I will be here for you whenever you need me. See you guys tomorrow." Ash smiles and he leaves. Paisley smiles back.

Paisley's P.O.V: Ash has just left. Michael seems a bit upset.

"Hey, whats wrong?" I ask him

"Nothing" he mumbles. He sits himself down on the couch. I get up and start walking towards him.

"What's wrong Michael tell me." I Say. 

"Im really fine." He pushes out a laugh and pulls me on his lap. I let out a squeal and he kisses me on my lips. Like always, My heart flutters and i feel sparks. I start to go down from his lips and i start kissing his neck. 

"Tell me whats wrong Michael. Now" I mumble, My lips against his neck. 

"Im fine Paisley. Let it go." He says. I pop my head up and i start getting pretty mad. 

"I will not! If you dont tell me what is wrong you will not get any kisses or hugs anymore." I say, Even though i don't mean it. 

"WHAT!" Michael screams, His eyes grew wide. I chuckle and get off his lap. I go back to the bed and he pulls my wrists from behind. He spins me around so i will face him and crashes his lips against mine. He picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and we move to the bed, our lips still connected. He sits on the bed. His back facing the head board. We keep kissing, softly, Our lips connected feels like magic. It feels so right. He starts kissing my neck. He finds my sweet spot. I push him away. 

"Tell me whats wrong or else." I say, My arms crossing. 

"Or else?" 

"Or else i wont do this ever again." I say

"Do what ever again?" He asks looking confused, 

 "Literally what we just did. and we wont continue either if you don't tell me." I say 

"Okay fine ill tell you." he says. Wow, that actually worked. 

"Im..Jealous" He says this under his breath so i cant hear him. 

"Your what?" I ask

"Im jealous." He says loud enough.

"Jealous? of what? Of who?" I ask 

"Ash" He says looking kinda embarrassed. He should be, I burst out laughing. I laugh so hard that i fall on my back. 

"Its not funny!" He says. I stop laughing and wipe away my tears. I peck his lips. 

"Nothing is going on with me and Ash. I promise. You know who you really should be Jealous of?" I ask

"Who?!" He says getting ready to panic. 

"Pizza." I say giggling

"Pizza is cheating on me! Pizza told me i was the one and only!." he says, We both start laughing. 

"Okay so, Where were we?" He asks, leaning in to kiss me, I pull away and get off the bed. 

"Going to sleep." I say, I walk over to Michael's closet and grab one of his t-shirts, I take my clothes off and slowly put on the t- shirt. I go back to the bed and lay down. I can here Michael pouting over me. 

"No fair." I hear him mumble under his breath. I start to giggle. He finally gives in and wraps his arms around me. He lets go and leaves for 3 minutes. When he comes back he puts his arms back around me. I open my eyes to see a Pikachu. 

"Do you ever take that onsie off?" I ask

"Nope." He replys, sounding cheerful. He kisses my forehead and we go to bed.

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