"Love Poems"

Hey guys its Liv these are just a bunch of love or sad love poems that I found an I write some of them as well. some of these poems are how I feel about some and I hope you like them and please feel free to leave comments an ideas for some new poems that I write about and I will write it at the end or start of the poem who its for an who I got the comment from love you guys xxx :)


3. "For All Pops Out There"

One day I was sitting with my pop at his grave,

while I was sitting there drawing in my book and talking to him,

just minding my own business when I saw a shadow behind me.

When I turned around I thought I was dreaming because the minute I turned around God was standing in front of me.

He bent down to my level and sat next to me, I turned around and faced him and I asked "God why did you have to take him so early away from us. It wasn't his time yet, he still had a lot of unfinished business left to do." then I looked back at my pops grave.

God turned from me to my pops grave where I had put the red roses.

He then says to me "What kind of flowers always get picked out of all of them." I looked at him and say "Only the most beautiful ones get picked."  while looking at my hands in my lap.

God then looks at me and says "Sweetheart you just answered your own question." then hugged me and then he slowly disappeared in thin air.





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