"Love Poems"

Hey guys its Liv these are just a bunch of love or sad love poems that I found an I write some of them as well. some of these poems are how I feel about some and I hope you like them and please feel free to leave comments an ideas for some new poems that I write about and I will write it at the end or start of the poem who its for an who I got the comment from love you guys xxx :)


13. Don't really know how to tell you

I really don't know how to tell you

that I'm so broken and can't be fixed

without sounding or feeling needy.

I'm not really sure or know

how to open up to you

without feeling like you are going to judge me.

I'm not really sure how to cry

when my tears feel like my tears are acid.

I just really need you to see that I am

hurting so bad without me telling you.

Because my words are bleeding out

of my mouth, just waiting for you

to stitch me up and make me fine.

Although I know that's really not your job

and you are definitely better off without me.

I just really need you to see me

one last time.

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