It was adorable, not the way the talking Cauliflower described it to be at all. I reach out to pet the cute thing, as my hand closed in the creature stopped grazing on its grain and snarled. For a second I thought the sound came from somewhere else but the way it watched me quietly, frozen in place as if daring me to try again clearly indicated one thing. It sure as hell wasn't the angel it looked to be.


1. Dreaming

I didn't expect death to be so colorful. 

I had tried to take my own life yet here I'm falling from the sky... I don't get it.  This doesn't make sense, how could a sky, like this exist beneath the train station? No matter how much I try to think about the purpose of my being here I could not ignore the wondrous view before me as I emerge from the clouds: The pristine ocean, the flourishing green earth and the view of the sun slowly rising from the east. It was beautiful, no the word beautiful wouldn't be enough to do it justice. 

I close my eyes. Surely this was a dream, yet the feeling of gravity pulling me down and the chill of the fall rushing up and down my spine felt way to real for me to even try and ignore. I open my eyes as the lush green earth rushed towards me.


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