It was adorable, not the way the talking Cauliflower described it to be at all. I reach out to pet the cute thing, as my hand closed in the creature stopped grazing on its grain and snarled. For a second I thought the sound came from somewhere else but the way it watched me quietly, frozen in place as if daring me to try again clearly indicated one thing. It sure as hell wasn't the angel it looked to be.


2. Awake

I'm dead aren't I?

This single thought was enough to jolt me out of my sleep. I sit up wide awake and painfully aware that something was off. 

Firstly, I was naked, someone had removed my uniform- or maybe I had been robbed? I was in nothing but my underwear. Upon inspecting myself I came to realize something else. I stare at my bare at feet and slowly hold up my hands before my eyes. They green, a pale green. 

"I'm...I'm...." My hands were shaking now. What the hell was going on, why am I green?! Not only did I look different but I felt different, there was some kind of warmth emanating from my chest that gradually faded. 

"Ah... looks like it caught something." 

The voice came from nearby. That's when I notice the petals surrounding me. They parted on their own spreading out into what I recognized as a lotus and it was floating in the middle of a small lake surrounded by a ring of trees. Stunned by all this I could only sit there and try to process what the heck was going on. 

My memories of before were fading, before I knew it I couldn't remember anything and eventually I forgot that there was even something that I was supposed to remember. 

I could see the sunshine peeking at me from beneath the foliage of the forest, it's light filtered from the leaves and branches of trees shine patches of light on my surroundings. I only spot the cloaked figure when they move towards the edge of the lake. They hold out a gloved hand.

"Come." Said a masculine voice. The lotus inched towards the edge slowing to a stop. The cloaked man takes my hand as I rise up onto my feet and helps me step down onto the grass. I rub my feet over the soft ticklish grass. 

"My daughter," said the man. I look up at him. The gloved hand removes his hood revealing the face of a pale man, his skin had a slightly green tint but unlike mine it wasn't that noticeable. He had a sharp face; a sharp chin, nose, ears, eyes even cheekbones and eyebrows. Just looking at him made me feel like my eyes could get cut, he wasn't an ugly man but he didn't exactly have the appearance that one would find comforting. His long hair was tied back into a ponytail and it was purple. There was something about seeing purple hair that stuck out to me but I couldn't exactly explain to myself why I found it so odd.

"You're my Father?" I ask only to pause after I hear my own voice and words, my tongue felt strange as if I had never spoken in such a manner before. I tilt my head without meaning to. 

"Yes. Come." He beckons me towards the edge of the waters and I peer over into the lake. 

Like I thought earlier my skin was greener but there was no denying the resemblance. My features weren't as intimidating as his were but they were sharp. My eyes were a greenish grey. For hair I had a short white bob, from the top it seemed purple which made me wonder if I had done something for my hair to be white like this.

"Your name is Chartreuse Mira Lilyman, you are the daughter of Clover Undine Lilyman, a pharmacist from the Clover region who descends from the children of Terra, you are loved by the forest of the trinity and today's your thirteenth birthday." he tells me all this as I stare at our reflections.

I felt so estranged upon seeing myself and so curious that I almost don't see what Father is doing. I look his way just in time to see him unpacking clothes from a bag. 

"Come." He says. He beckons me towards the clothes he spreads out onto a blanket. There were so many outfits prepared.

"Pick one." He tells me. I turn to him.

"Just one?"


Why one? There were four outfits in four different colors. The first one was a frilly pink dress with red slippers, a cape and white stockings. The second, was a royal blue crop top, a black mini skirt with tights underneath and knee length lace back boots. The third tight brown skinny jeans, a white blouse and combat boots. The last outfit was short navy green overalls, a button down polka dot shirt, brown knee socks and boots. Each outfit had a different type of bag. I went with the last outfit. Father doesn't say anything but he seems to approve of my choice because the air around him seems to relax a bit. 

"Come. Let us go." 

I glance at the clothes spread out on the sheet.

"Leave it." He tells me. "The others will awaken soon enough." 

I have no idea what he means by that and I can't say I quite care either. Once dressed I follow Father leaving the small pond behind me.



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