my life as me

I'm called diamond 💎 I hate my parents cos they want me to be like Elizabeth my sister witch is not me I have black dyed hair with a dark purple stripe,I have snake bites,an eyebrow piecing and all the top of my ear priced I'm 16 years old I was born on the 1st of April 1999.i live in America,north Carolina to be exact and yeah my parents say me being emo is just a phase but I am me and I will never change


5. school

diamonds pov.

​I woke up and got dressed I cant be bothered to have a shower.i put on my blink 182 t shirt some black skinny jeans I put on my black hoodie with nirvana logo on the back and my bk knights.i whent downstairs to find my sister making out with Zack her boyfriend"I am now mentaly scared for the rest of my life."I said as I walked out the door.Elizabeth said he was comming in a dew days. Got in my truck I whent to the front of rocks house and honked the horn.he came out wearing what he wore yesterday.would have wore what I wore yesterday but my sister. Accidently spilled gravey down my top.we got to school and before I even step in the building I am triooed over by one of the jocks Nash "thanks dipstick now you know how gravity works." I said in a sarcastic tone."shut it emo go loose some waght" he yelled

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