my life as me

I'm called diamond 💎 I hate my parents cos they want me to be like Elizabeth my sister witch is not me I have black dyed hair with a dark purple stripe,I have snake bites,an eyebrow piecing and all the top of my ear priced I'm 16 years old I was born on the 1st of April 1999.i live in America,north Carolina to be exact and yeah my parents say me being emo is just a phase but I am me and I will never change


2. new kid

"GET UP EMO!" Elizabeth yelled as loud as she could.I rolled out of bed,put on some black ripped skinny jeans,a green day top,a plain black hoodie,my black converse and my spider bites.i went down stairs skipped breakfast,I'm not a breakfast person I hopped into my old beat up pickup truck that I spray painted black and drove to school blasting American idiot by green day out of my speakers.when I got to school I got some weird looks from everyone and I shouted " what is your problem you always stair at me when I park my truck and walk inside jeez!" I walked into the libery sat in the back put in my headphones that I put in my bag and put on backseat serenade by all time low grabbed my book harry potter an​d the half blood price it helped me escape from reality.I read for about 5 minutes until I saw a pair of black converce like mine stood at my feet I looked up to see a kid with black emo style hair spider bites wearing a all time low t shirt and the same jeans as me." Hey are you new or something? " I asked as politely as possible."yeah I am and i think I moved in next door to you do you live on marvel road number 3?" He asked shyly " yeah and I guess your number 2 you want to sit down? " I asked." Sure.yester day your parents came over with your sister she called me a freak and a emo.and apparently you scared your Las neighbours away with your spider bites and hair colour." He laughed a little at the end." I'm rock and what's your name?" " my name is diamond.and its nice to meet someone like me" I said pointing at his outfit his arm covered with rubber bands with band names on them." Same to you what classes do you have?" He asks curiously I gave him my schedule he said " we have all the same classes." " I have to warn you if you hang out with me you will be battered within an inch of your life every day." I warned " I'm used to it,kinda why I moved bet we can be rejects together." * RING* the bell for first period whent and we got up and whent to our lockers where and there was 3 lockers in-between ours.i grabbed my books I chucked my bag in there I grabbed my art book,the only subject I'm good at and get good grades in.we walked to art,I got out my book and continued with my work rock sat next to me after he got his book and started to draw."wow that's amazing." He s as id shocked as he looked at my drawing it was an arm with 13 cuts,a razor blade an loads of horrible word around it,all the things I get is my escape.I looked over to rocked art it was a knife covered in blood with a dead body next to this kids as messed up as me.the bell rang we whent to our lokers and we got out our English books.someone pushed me onto my locker "LET ME OUT YOU TWIT" I screamed minutes later rock let me out "thank you " I dmsaid wand we slowly walked to English" your late" mrs Lennard said "well no were early idiot" I retorted.rock laughed stood next to me "detention you two.get out now" she screamed.we walked out of the class room "wanna ditch rest of the day?" Rock asked" okay were shall we go then cos my mom will be home its her say off." I said as we climed into my truck."well my mom and dad wont be home until 5 and shook finishes at 2:39 so we cam be at my house and watch horror flicks." Rock said "sounds cool" I replied.

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