my life as me

I'm called diamond 💎 I hate my parents cos they want me to be like Elizabeth my sister witch is not me I have black dyed hair with a dark purple stripe,I have snake bites,an eyebrow piecing and all the top of my ear priced I'm 16 years old I was born on the 1st of April 1999.i live in America,north Carolina to be exact and yeah my parents say me being emo is just a phase but I am me and I will never change


4. musical kisses

​*rocks pov* I know I only met her this morning but I think I really like diamond," I heard you playing your guitar and singing dogs eating dogs by blink 182 and you are amazing." I said as she put her guitar on my bed." You weren't ment to here that ugh" she moaned as her face whent a pink colour.and her skin is pale so it was very noticeable." Your amp was on about 1000 and you where screaming the lyrics." " my sister was skyping her British boyfriend and I had to do something about it." She smiled as she said that her smile is soo beautiful."are you good at drums or do they just sit there looking awesome." She laughed as she picked up her guitar and started to play Na Na Na by my chemical romance.i started drumming to the Bea and singing with her.when we where done she smiled at me I smiled back."what are you staring at?" She asked."you."I replied cheekily biting one of my lip rings,she did the same its soooooooooo howt

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