my life as me

I'm called diamond 💎 I hate my parents cos they want me to be like Elizabeth my sister witch is not me I have black dyed hair with a dark purple stripe,I have snake bites,an eyebrow piecing and all the top of my ear priced I'm 16 years old I was born on the 1st of April 1999.i live in America,north Carolina to be exact and yeah my parents say me being emo is just a phase but I am me and I will never change


1. life sucks

Hey,I'm not a people person i prefer to keep to myself,i hate my family especially my younger sister full name is Diamond lacey grace one of the reasons i hate my parents​.I hate my sister because she is 'the perfect daughter' according to my parents she is so basic its unbelievable.I get low grades and hate everyone,I get bullied by all the jocks and I cut but I cover up the marks with hoodies and bracelets.No one in my school is like me,I don't fit into the typical groups in school so i put my self into the group of reject.i like bands like fall out boy,all time low,nirvana,green day,blink 182 andmy chemical romancey mom and dad are basic and every time we move the neighbours don't meet me straight away,I sneek out and meet them a few hours later and my parents always find put cos my bratty sister will snich on me.ugh I hate all my cousins cos they get me into trouble for stuff I didn't even do

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