my life as me

I'm called diamond 💎 I hate my parents cos they want me to be like Elizabeth my sister witch is not me I have black dyed hair with a dark purple stripe,I have snake bites,an eyebrow piecing and all the top of my ear priced I'm 16 years old I was born on the 1st of April 1999.i live in America,north Carolina to be exact and yeah my parents say me being emo is just a phase but I am me and I will never change


3. horror movies

when we got to his place we went into his room,I'm impressed band posters,drum sets and a camera on a tri pod.he got is macbook covered In stickers of band logos and he put on the exorcist."are you a youtuber?" I asked" kinda I just make vids on my personal opinion on junk" he replied "cool".at 2:30 I had to go."I'm going to drive my truck around so it looks like I've just come back.then ill come back over I you want?" I said​." Okay then ill just pause the movie" rock replied."ill come over and get you when you come back" rock added *rocks pov* wow diamond is cool I love her spider bites there like mine she is like a girl version of me. I'm glad she didn't see the cuts on my wrists I'm so luky my mom bought me loads of bands to hide them.i started playing drums,yesterday I heard her playing her guitar with the amp on full volume.this morning I heard her yelling in the car park it was hot.when her truck pulled up I whent over to hers and knocked on the door." Hello"her mom said in a happy voice so basic " hi van diamond come over for a bit cos my parents are out and I talked to her at school and she seems interesting." I said." Ok,diamond your friend is here." Her mom yelled up the starirs.diamond came down carring her black guitar and her blue amp covered in band stickers." I'll be back at 5:30" she said as she walked out of her house.

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