PRISM: Separating out the truth from the lies about the LGBT community

This is basically my attempt to dispel some of the myths and stereotypes surrounding the LGBT+ community. I am transgender and a lesbian myself and know a number of other LGBT+ people. But if you are in the LGBT+ community and disagree with anything or would like to contribute anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.


2. Myth #1

#1: The 'Agenda' & 'Discrimination against Christians'


I wasn't sure how to start this movella. There are so many myths about all kinds of things related the the LGBT+ community. But I decided to start with two of the largest myths that are a little more general than some others I will be covering.


The 'Agenda'


Every time there is a major LGBT+ breakthrough (same-sex marriage laws, non-discrimination acts, etc.) I always hear about some 'agenda' that is being imposed on us - the implication being there is some underlying motive behind the whole movement.


Well, exciting news! I will now be revealing the secret agenda being oppressed on us all! It is...


Treat us like humans. Oh! The horror!


No but seriously, there is no malicious agenda being forced on anyone. LGB people aren't trying to 'turn everyone gay'. Transgender people aren't going to force anyone to wear the opposite gender's clothes. Gay marriage does not affect straight marriage, someone having surgery or wearing make-up has no effect on anyone but themselves.


The truth is, every issue we (the LGBT+ community) complain about is an issue that affects us, not the majority of the population. We make up less than 4% of the population, there is no great uprising, no war plan, no evil scheme.


Frankly I'm tired of this, as is the community (the 'agenda' has become something of a joke). Our only motives are our fundamental rights - equality, safety, freedom etc..


Conclusion: We have an agenda, but it is not malicious. Myth = False


Discrimination against Christians


Linked to this is the second issue, the supposed discrimination against Christians. Before I get into this, I'll be clear, I am a Christian myself. (I'll cover why I disagree with the 'Christian' viewpoint on the LGBT+ in a later chapter)


The argument for this myth is as follows: "According to my beliefs, people shouldn't be gay, so the government telling me to treat people who are gay the same as anyone else is discrimination against my religion."


Okay. So the key thing here is the word 'my'. The beliefs of any individual are their own, they govern how that person lives their life, how they act towards other people etc.. It is not my place to tell anyone their beliefs are wrong, even if I believe they are. But if someone's beliefs have a negative impact on my life, that is no longer reasonable or fair.


For example, if someone is morally opposed to curly hair, that is fine. They can straighten or cut off their hair and tell people why they did it, that's fine. But if they then go around to all their curly-haired friends and force them to straighten theirs too, or insult them because of their hair, or refuse to serve them in a shop because of their hair, or fire them because of their hair...that is not okay.


See the difference? People are well within their rights to believe that being LGBT+ is wrong. But they are not within their rights to treat LGBT+ people as sub-human because of that. Laws brought in to prevent this discrimination are there for protection, not as an act of aggression.


It is not discrimination to prevent someone from using their religion as an excuse to discriminate. No one is saying anyone can't be a Christian (or any religion for that matter), the law is not preventing anyone from going to church, praying to whatever god they want, wearing religious symbols or preaching.


The LGBT+ community (on the whole) does not have a 'no Christians' policy, so why should the Christian community have a 'no LGBT+' policy?


Conclusion: Myth = False


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