The Beginning Has Begun

About a girl that wakes up in a place she not familiar with. She cant remember her past and the only way for her to get that not remembering the past is to live in the present.


2. Day one testing

The rooms aren't that bad. At least I'm not in the Holding Cell. It's a lot different. I have a roommate. I haven't spoken a word to her since I got here. I would say that the room is filled of silence, but on the outside I hear whispers. The whispers at night is the scariest. I don't know if it's just me or not, but I can hear them and I think they know that too.

“Hey Brook?” I must have of fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes Miss Sutton was staring down at me.

“Uh what is it? Really tired.

“I need you to come with me Brook.” She says.

Why the hell will I come with her for all I know, is she could put me back in that room “the holding cell” is what I like to call it. And, there is no way I'm going back there, not in a hundred years or ever as I would like to say. There something about that room that gives me the shivers and chills. When I was in that room I got this weird feeling like there was a present in there with me and I don't do will with ghost spirits.

“What happens if I don't want to go with you?” I say to her.

“Will if you don't want to cooperate with me then that would be your loss brook.” She says to me.

“Say if I do come with you, not saying that I am, but just say if I were, where would we go.” I say.

“Will I guess you're just going to have to trust me aren't you miss brook?” she says.

“Fine as long as we aren't going back to the “holding cell,” I tell her.

“The holding cell?”She says confused and then she says, “Oh...,  no brook we will be going somewhere else.”

At this very moment I don’t know if I should trust her or not. I don’t know her she’s a complete stranger to me, but then I find myself saying, “OK, fine I'll go I suppose.” I have no idea whatsoever,  where she going to take me.

“OK, you may follow me then, please,” she says to me with her hand in the direction she's pointing to for me to go in.” I look at the direction her hand is pointing and and then I finally hop out of bed, ,my beds on the bottom. Which is OK to me because I'm not really good with heights. When I got out of bed I went in the direction Miss Sutton was pointing in. When we reached the end of the hallway we made a right. This hallway is completely different from the hallway we were just in. I would say that this hallway has more of a complex kind of color. I wouldn't say, it's pretty. This place has no style in color. I personally wouldn't pick that color.  When we reach a tall metal door Miss Sutton looks at me and says “We have arrived to our destination.”

I look at the metal door again. Its really tall and it looks like a room I don't want to go in. Miss Sutton presses a button next to the door. When she pressed the button I heard a buzz and then she opened it.

“Where are we?” With a frightened tone in my voice.

“They don’t tell me, they just send me to get people and bring them here. I don’t ask questions because this is my job,” Miss Sutton says to me.

Now i’m scared, she brings me to this room and has no idea what lays beyond the next door. She motions her hand in the direction of the next door and says, “Now Brook, you go on now, I can't go any further than this.”  I take one last look at Miss Sutton and then I started in the direction of where another metal door lays ahead. When I reach the door, I look back again, only to find Miss sutton gone and the first door closed. I look back at the door i'm at and it opens so I walk in. When I walk in the room the only thing I see is some chairs and a table with a pen and some papers lying on top.

“You may take a seat,” someone says.

I look around the room startled, but I don't see anyone there. I walk over to the table and sat down.

“This is a test to see what your specialties are. You have 30mins to complete this test and after that you will have a couple of different test to take. When all your test have been completed you may be released to your primer instructor, Miss sutton. If you finish early you may leave your papers and pen there and walk to the door and there you may begin your next test, now You may begin your first test” I hear someone say.

I probably stared at the paper for about 5 minutes or so, until I decided to pick up my pen and started writing. The first of the test was a writing proportion about working with others. Which was hard because how do I know how I work with others well or not. At least some was multiple choice so it was that difficult.  After I finished that I had math and for some apparent reason the math was really easy and I don't know how, but it just seem like it was easy. I probably finished that in about 7 mins and there were a total of 30 math problems. The last section was in spanish but I know how to do it. Which is strange again since I can't recall anything about my life besides now and i'm not even hispanic. It's like my past life is going and what every comes is my present. I have to get used to living in the present and not remembering my past, I only remember some of my past but hardly anything useful. I know it's going to be hard but I can't change that can I?

“Time's up please place your pen down and walk over to the door,” someone says. The voice that I hear is a man's voice because it's deep.

I do as the voice tells me, I put my pen down and then I stood up and walked over to the door where the voice told me to go. The door opens and I walk through. I hear a noise like i'm being rotated or something, but i’m not moving it’s like i’m in an elevator. For some apparent reason why I think it’s an elevator is because I remember what an elevator is and what it does.

“You may walk in know,” the voice says.

I walk in the room and in the center of the room there is a table of weapons.

“Go and choose the weapon you desirer,” the voice says.

I walk over to the table in the center of the room and on the table the weapons are, a bow in a row, an ax, and a sword. The one I couldn't seem to take my eye of of was the sword. I pick up the sword and the table goes down.

“There are 3 rounds you have to do. Let round 1 begin,” the voice says.

I stand there with the sword in my hands not knowing what was about to happen next.

“If you make the other person or animal bleed then you have won that round, if the other person or animal makes you bleed then you lose that round win 3 rounds and you’ll be fine,” the voice says.

A man comes out of a corner and I freak out. The man charges at me and without a hesitation I draw my sword and plunged it right into his stomach and withdraw the sword after plunging it into the man's stomach. After that blood flowed out of the man. He’s going to need some serious medical attention. I did not know I had that in me. A door opens and men come in and remove the man and then as soon as they walked out the door closes.

“Round 2,” the voice says.

A cage opens and a tiger comes out of it, charging at me. Before I could do anything the tiger had taken the wind out of me. With the tiger on me and my sword knocked out of my hand, out of reach I'm in a bad situation. The tiger opens its mouth and all I can see is his teeth and they are sharp. I surprisingly twist the tiger's neck and as I knew it the tiger was down. I defeated the tiger, I don't know how, but I did. The same men came  that came for the man, take the tiger away and then the room was empty.

“Round 3, the last round, good luck,” the “voice” says.  

Multiply animals come out and start heading towards me and one by one I kill them. Still I don't know how, but I did it. It was like I was born to be a fighter.I won all 3 rounds with not even a scratch on me.

“You may leave and there you will find your primer instructor Miss Sutton, she will take you back to your room and in a few days you will get your results,” the voice says.

    I walk over to the door and laid the sword that I was using on the ground. It was covered in blood, a lot of blood. When I reach the door there Miss Sutton was waiting for me.


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