Dont You Dare

Allison Meyer is a 19 year old girl with a dark past. She fought and won against her addiction to alcohol, but not before loosing the ones closest to her. Her brother Luke goes missing after and argument, Nearly two years pass and she is still looking for her brother. Life still seems to be punishing her for her reckless past. But could her solitude be found in the one person who seems completely wrong for her. She knows there's secrets in those brown curls, but could they correspond with hers. Will she let those hazel eyes into her sole or will she push him out like the rest. And what to do when Luke shows up out of the blue. Allison should be happy but Luke's past seems to be trying to follow him. Can she protect her family? Her friends? Will she let Harry in? Or will she push him out like she has everyone else. Find out in Don't You Dare.


2. The Jungle

The cold air hits me like a bus as I step outside. This time two years ago was around the last time I seen my brother. I miss him more then anything. Him and my mom were my entire life. Without them I feel like I'm nothing. I grab a cigarette from the box it was hidden in. I wish they could see me now. I've got my life together now, at least for the most part. I've got a job and I support myself. No more sleeping with random people no more fights and no more alcohol. I haven't touched a bottle for a year. And it was one of the most difficult things I've done in my entire life. That is besides loosing my brother to the very thing I thought made me sane.



"Allie." Megan snaps me out of my thoughts. "Come on. My cars still running." She puts all her weight onto one of her 6" heels like she does when she's impatient. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I tell her putting out my cigarette on the cold concrete. She doesn't let anybody smoke in her new avenger. Which is ironic considering all the empty burger wraps that smell worst than my cigarettes.


The frat house is jam packed with drunk college students. I always think its ironic coming to these things considering im college drop out. I know no one cares that im not in college but I still feel like I shoulnt be here. These kids all have a life ahead of them at there dream jobs. Im stuck at the point after. A run down bar down the street from my house.


"I'm going to get a drink. Go mingle." She tells me as she begins to walk away. I can barley hear her over the loud music playing through the house. I'm not really a big fan of partys anymore, the alchohal doesn't bother me. The drunken idiots do. Coming to a party solber is like going into the jungle. Everyone is gathering a watering hole. There fighting, fucking, and drinking.


"Hey baby, can I get you a drink?" A hand suddenly wraps around my waist. I yank the strangers hand off my waist spinning around, "Back off." I ward him with a glare. Im not in the mood for some drunk frat asshole to be trying to hit on me. He chuckles pushing his long curls to the side. "Don't play with me baby. Let me just get you a drink." He runs his fingures through my hair.


"Fuck off." I tell him walking away. He falls behind me to the kitchen. "Get a life." I tell him walking faster. He pushes me back against the counter behind me, his body is on mine keeping me right where he wants me. "One drink won't hurt beautiful." He tells me trying to hand me his drink. I look around for help but no one is paying attention or even cares. they're all drunk and horney.


"Leave me alone." I tell him. "Don't act like you don't want to go up to my room with me and let me lick your.." I put my hand over his mouth stopping him. He chuckles taking another drink from the red cup in his hand. "Come on. drunken sex is the best sex." He begins to bite my neck like a hungry dog. I push him away. "Of all the things I am, drunk is not one of them." I begin to walk away again when he grabs my arm. "Come on. Just one drink. I can make you moan my name all night."


Without a thought I grab his drink from his hand. A smirk forms on his face as does on mine. "If you like alchohal so much, why don't you where it." I pour the liquid from the cup over his head and suddenly that smug look that's been plastered to his face all night disappears. "Look, I got you wet. Just like you wanted." I giggle before walking away. "You dumb bitch." He shouts after me.


I wander around looking for Megan. I find her drunk out of her mind with some guy. "Lets go." I tell her. I just want to go home. I really just don't like parties like I used to. "I'm kind of busy." She tells me looking back at the guy shes with. "Whatever." I turn on my heal and head for the door. Theres no use arguing with her. Ill just walk home.


The night is cold as I make my way out the door. Colder then when I left my house. I begin to walk towards my house. Atleast I think this is the right way. I look around but nothing looks familiar. Fuck, my phone is dead in my back pocket. I guess I just walk until I find something that looks familiar.


"Hey." A black car roles up next to me. "Do you need a ride?" A short blonde haired boy leans towards the passenger window as he drives next to me. "Im fine." I tell him walking a little faster. "Really its no trouble." He tells me with a smile. For all I know he could be a rapist or a ceral killr. "Im good." I tell him again. "Im not a rapist if that's what your thinking. I cant help but laugh. "Yeah, cus that makes me feel ten times better." I tell him saracastically. "Come on, its cold outside and your a female walking in a bad neighborhood at two in the morning. That's not very safe." "Neither is getting in a car with a stranger." I tell him. He laughs again still staying next to me. "Ill just follow you then. I'd hate for you to get kidnapped." I keep walking ignoring him.


Twenty minutes has passed and I still have no clue where I am. The black car stays beside me still trying to make small talk. The tempeture has dropped at least another ten digreese. I feel as though I'm going to freeze to death and my feet are killing me from walking in these heals. I look over to the guy who is still trying to talk to me. His cheeks are red probably from having the window down the whole time.


I finally stop walking and go over to the car. "Are you going to really follow me all the way home," I ask. He gives me a small smirk before responding, "Im not gonna follow you all the way home, that would be impossible considering you don't even know where your going." Confusion covers my face. How in the hell did he know that? He chuckles softly, "You've passed this street three times." I look up at the sign behind me. I don't remember passing it. But I don't remember anything I've passed from this whole walk. I cross my arms and debate for a second before finally sighing, "Fine," I give in climbing into the passenger seat. I can't believe I'm doing this.

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