Dont You Dare

Allison Meyer is a 19 year old girl with a dark past. She fought and won against her addiction to alcohol, but not before loosing the ones closest to her. Her brother Luke goes missing after and argument, Nearly two years pass and she is still looking for her brother. Life still seems to be punishing her for her reckless past. But could her solitude be found in the one person who seems completely wrong for her. She knows there's secrets in those brown curls, but could they correspond with hers. Will she let those hazel eyes into her sole or will she push him out like the rest. And what to do when Luke shows up out of the blue. Allison should be happy but Luke's past seems to be trying to follow him. Can she protect her family? Her friends? Will she let Harry in? Or will she push him out like she has everyone else. Find out in Don't You Dare.


3. private life matters

The birds are chirping the sun is shining. I'm alive, I'm breathing, I'm healthy. So why do I feel like shit? All I can thing about is my brother. He's out there alone with no one to be there for him and its all my fault. At first I blamed the alchohal. But its my fault. Its always been my fault. And no one can change that.


I sit down on my cold coach in my bare house and drink my coffee. I moved In a few months ago but I haven't got any furniture. I don't feel worthy to have a house full of warmth and comfort. Not when I feel this dark and gloomy. I wish I could get out of this funk. But the only one who could pull me out is the one person I cant find.


I pull out my phone and descide to call the private investigator. The phone starts to ring. I hired a him a few months ago to try and find anything about him. "Hello?" He answers on the second ring. "Hello." His deep voice booms through the phone. "Hi, this is Allison Meyer." He clears his throat before responding. "Miss Meyer. I was actually just about to call and ask you to come down to the office so we can talk... In person." Worry shoots up my spine as a thousand thoughts race through my mind. "Ok. Can I ask why?" Theres a long pause and altho its only five seconds it feels like a life time. "Just, come on down to the office. Well talk then."


The drive to the office is excrutiating. I can barley hold myself together as I walk into the office. I walk up to the front desk and tell the gray haired woman sitting at the desk my name. "Hi im Allison Mey..." "Miss Meyer." Adam the private investigator calls me over to him. "Come right into my office." Normally it takes a good fourty-five minutes just to get in.


"Miss Meyer. Please take a seat." He motions for me to sit in the leather chair infront of me. God im so frieghtened. "So why did you call me in. What was so important that we couldn't talk on the phone. Did you find out something about my brother? Did you find out where hes living. Is he living at all? Don't tell me hes dead. Please don't tell me hes dead. Oh god."  The questions just fall out of my mouth. "Miss meyer please." He stops me. I apologize folding my fingures together. "I called you in to tell you that we can no longr do buissness together."


Confusion over comes me. "Why?!" I demand. "I cant give details but it has to happen." His face is stern. Who the hell does he think he is? I pay him good money. He should be grateful. "Miss Meyer. This may sound strange. But I think you should leave. Move. Pack up your stuff, get all your money and move far far away." His voice keeps raising as does my temper. "I don't know what kind of buissness your running here, but I'm not going anywhere. You don't scare me and neither does any one else." I stand up and head for the door. "Allison." Adam calls after me. "Please... Just stay safe."

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