Dont You Dare

Allison Meyer is a 19 year old girl with a dark past. She fought and won against her addiction to alcohol, but not before loosing the ones closest to her. Her brother Luke goes missing after and argument, Nearly two years pass and she is still looking for her brother. Life still seems to be punishing her for her reckless past. But could her solitude be found in the one person who seems completely wrong for her. She knows there's secrets in those brown curls, but could they correspond with hers. Will she let those hazel eyes into her sole or will she push him out like the rest. And what to do when Luke shows up out of the blue. Allison should be happy but Luke's past seems to be trying to follow him. Can she protect her family? Her friends? Will she let Harry in? Or will she push him out like she has everyone else. Find out in Don't You Dare.


5. frat boys

"Come on baby. Just one drink."  The college kid sitting down next to me slurs once again. "Listen. I'm not drunk. I don't want to be drunk. and I'm not going to be drunk. Got it?" I try to talk sense into his thick skull. He nearly spills his beer bringing it closer to me. "Come on baby." ugh. I cant stand drunk people.


I make my way up the stairs to Megan's room. I cant take another minute of drunken guys hitting on me. And a few girls. I sit on the bed and pull out my phone to text Luke's old number. I know its problably not his anymore but I still try. its the only hope I have left of ever finding him. 'Luke. If you see this. Please come home. I'm a changed person now. I promise. No more drinking. No more partying. Just your sister. please come home. -Love Ale.' As I hit send someone comes stumbling out of the bathroom. "Sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here." He tells me making his way back to the party. He gets to the door before turning around.


"Hey aren't you that girl I gave a ride home to the other night?" He asks scanning over my face. "Um no. Must be another person." I lie. I never thought I was gonna see him again. I never wanted to. Not that hes a bad guy or anything he was really nice and very polite. I was surprised when he didn't make a move on me or try and kidnap me or some shit. It was just embarrassing to half to rely on a stranger.


"Yes you are. I would know that face anywhere." He smiles at me taking a seat on the bed. "My names Liam by the way." He gives me a cheeky grin. I debate telling him my name or not. He could still be a rapist. I guess my name wouldn't really make a difference considering he knows where I live. "Allison." I tell him extending my hand. He shakes it firmly.


"So Allison. Can I get you a drink or something." He asks. Of course. He's just another frat guy trying to get laid just like everyone else. "I don't drink." I tell him sternly. I should have known. What guy comes to a party and doesn't try to get a girl drunk to get in her pants. "That's cool to." He says with a shrug. "Do you want to dance then." He asks standing up. "I told you I don't drink." I relay again. He scoffs slightly. "You don't half to be drunk to dance." He tells me with a smile. I tell him no thank you but he insist dragging me out of the room and down the stairs.


"I'm gonna grab a drink real quick." He walks over too the keg. I stand in the kitchen patiently waiting. If you've never been to a party before heres a tip. Never go in the kitchen. Stay away from there at all cost. If you can have someone else get you a drink or whatever you need, do it. People push and fall into me as I stand by the doorway. I hate college kids.


I look over to where the mix drinks are and see that blonde pony tail from the bar. I try to keep my mouth shut but my feet are already taking me over to her. "Hey." I enterupt grabbing her shoulder. The blonde turns around to look at me. I look in her cup to see the clear liquid inside. "Are you actually drinking tonight or are you dumping it in a plant still?" I ask with a smirk. Her face is angry for a second before going back to a smug look. "Its vodka." She tells me. Shes got a dumb look on her face. I swear she would look better with a black eye. "Sure it is." I take the drink from her hand and take a swig before spitting it back in her face.


Oh my god it was really vodka. I almost drank vodka! I'm a year clean. This doesn't count! THIS ISNT FARE! I didn't know! "You fucking cunt!" She screams throwing her drink on the floor. I raise my fist and instantly someone grabs it. "Whoa doll face. Calm down. No fights tonight. I don't want that pretty face to get hurt." Harold spins me around to face him. This fucking guy again. How does he always seem to find me. Is he a stalker or something?


"Let go!" I growl and yank my hand away. He chuckles at me. Who the fuck does this guy think he is. "Kelsey. Go somewhere else." He tells blond. She scowles but does what he says. "By bitch." I tell her with a smirk. "Now why are you so grumpy." Harry places his hand on the side of my neck and once again pushes me against the wall. "Back off Styles." I tell him sternly. "Come on. You haven't even given me a chance." He whines. I roll my eyes again. That seems to be the only response to his so called 'charm.' "Come on. Just one dance." He brings his lips just inches from mine. His hot breath corresponds with mine. "You want me to kiss you don't you." He breaths quietly. I try to pull myself together but he's practically pulling me apart at the seems.


"Um Allie." Liam appears behind Harold. I push him off quickly as my cheeks become rosey. "Liam this is Harold." I introduce nervously. Why is he having this affect on me. "Its Harry." He informs him. He takes his eyes from Liam and sets them on me. "I cant dance with you. I half to dance with Liam. I promised him."


I quickly grab Liam by the hand pulling him towards the dinning room where people are bumping and grinding on eachother. Liam is surprised as I start dancing with him but just goes with it. "Who is that guy?" He yells over the music. Harry is rushing through my brain and I cant stand it. "He's a friend." I tell him. Why am I lying to him? I have no reason to. "Are you sure about that?" He asks lifting his eyebrow. "Of course." I tell him furrowing mine. Why wouldn't Liam think he was a friend. Besides the hole kitchen thing.


"Good thing. I would of had to beat his ass for what he's doing with that girl." He tells me nodding towards Harold. Harry. Whatever his name is. I look over and see him grinding up against the blonde again. I grab Liam and start doing the same. Something is over coming me. Am I jealous? Theres nothing to be jealouse of so why cant I seem to pull my eyes away from him. He looks up and suddenly hazel eyes meet blue and I'm stuck like glue.


Harry reaches down grabbing Kelsey's chin and lifting her head so that he can begin kissing her. I'm not talking about a passionate fiery kiss. I'm talking a sloppy drunk kiss. And suddenly disgust fills me breaking me off his trance. I scoff leaving the dinning room. I head for the door when Liam calls my name. "Where are you going?" He asks like a lost puppy. "I'm going home" I tell him never loosing  my pace. "Well can I atleast drive you home?" he offers. "I brought my car." I jingle the keys infront of him. "What about your name. Can I atleast have your number." He asks hopefully. I just respond, "By Liam."

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