Dont You Dare

Allison Meyer is a 19 year old girl with a dark past. She fought and won against her addiction to alcohol, but not before loosing the ones closest to her. Her brother Luke goes missing after and argument, Nearly two years pass and she is still looking for her brother. Life still seems to be punishing her for her reckless past. But could her solitude be found in the one person who seems completely wrong for her. She knows there's secrets in those brown curls, but could they correspond with hers. Will she let those hazel eyes into her sole or will she push him out like the rest. And what to do when Luke shows up out of the blue. Allison should be happy but Luke's past seems to be trying to follow him. Can she protect her family? Her friends? Will she let Harry in? Or will she push him out like she has everyone else. Find out in Don't You Dare.


4. Barbie Doll's And Bricks

"Could you top off my beer darling." The old man infront of me pushes his half full glass forward. I cant help but laugh. This old man has been here all night flirting with me. Any other guy and I would have thrown him out but hes so old its adorable. I grab his glass and begin filling it. "I ment top it off with a little bit of you darling but that will do." I begin hysterically laughing. The old man has game. "Here you go sir. On the house." He raises his glass and thanks me before returning to the table he was sitting at.


A loud group of people enter the bar and instantly I feel disgust as I see those stupid curls. The guy from the party is here with all his friends. They take a seat in the booth across the bar. I hate people like them. They just think they can run everything in this town just because they have daddys money. Some of us have actual jobs. We actually work hard for our money.


"Hey doll face." Curly leans against the bar. "Can I get six busch lights for me and my friends." He asks leaning on the bar. God that stupid smirk is plastered across his face again. Does he have any other facial expressions?


"I.d." I tell him. He gladly hands it over. I begin to analize it. Hes twenty one? I would have guessed nineteen like me. Harold Styles. His name is Harold? What is he? Eighty? Did his parents think he was gonna be like Benjamin button and come out with gray hairs and a walker?


"Is there a problem?" He asks. I realize ive been staring at his i.d for a while. "No." I tell him handing it back. I grab the beers from the cooler behind me and set them on the bar. "Do you want yours in your face again or in the bottle." The smug look that usually lines his face disappears. I love doing that. "That was you?" He asks shocked. I nod my head with a smile as I wipe my hands on the towel sticking out from my back pocket. "Well I see why I was hitting on you." He begins to check me out and I just want to smack his eyes out of there sockets.


"Thatll be nineteen fifty." He begins to dig in his pockets and pulls out a hundred dollar bill. Like I said. Daddys money. I hate these rich kids who come in here. They think that they can just hand me a hundred dollar bill and ill just let them drink. I might need the money but im not that desperate. He sets the money on the bar infront of me. "Keep the change doll face." He winks at me and I roll my eyes. I grab the money and push it back towards him. "I don't want your money." I tell him. He just smiles and walks away. Im not taking his stupid money.


Three hours pass and its almost time for clothes. Im so excited to get the hell out of here. Drunk people are the worst. And these college kids better not puke in here. Im not cleaning up there puke. A small blonde bobs over to the bar. "six more Busch lights please." She slurs. I cant help but burst out laughing once again as I grab the beers. I set them on the counter and weight for her to pay. "I ordered six. This is five. Are you so dumb you cant count?" She snies. I cant help but laugh at her again. "Save your money. You only need five." She begins to say something rude but I stop her before she says something even stupider then the last. "Ive seen you dumping out your beers in that plant all night. Like I said. Save your parents money and just get the five." I smirk at her pushing the beers forward. She throws down a twent dollar bill before taking the beer and angrily walking back to the booth.


I take out my phone and check the time. "last call!" I shout. I'm so glad to almost be off. "Boo." Harold's booth shouts. There the only table still here. I roll my eyes and go back to washing cups. I know it might sound weird but I actually like working for my money. Well not necesarially the working part. More the not having to tell people I use my parents money part.


Harold and his friends get up and begin to leave and I cant hep the excitement that comes over me. As there almost to the door Harold turns around to look at me. "By doll face." He yells over to me. I roll my eyes for the thousandth time tonight. The blonde haired girl gives me a dirty look before grabbing Harold by the hand and practically pulling him out of the bar.


The bottles cover every inch of the booth the college kids were sitting in. I grab them three at a time throwing them into the trash when suddenly there's a crash behind me. I quickly turn around and see glass all over the floor. "What the fuck?" I curse aload. In the middle of the glass is a brick. I look all around to find someone but no one is there. Fear over takes me quickly and panic sets in. What is going on?



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