1 guy 3 personalities, 1 girl likes 1 guy


3. unknown number

I'm at home just laying on my bed doing some drawing for my drawing binder, then I hear a ding on my phone and it is from an unknown number. Here's what happened.

Uk is for unknown.

Uk- Hey what up???

Me- Who is this???

Uk- Just meet me on 5th street, I need to talk to u

Me-Ok, but at what time though???

Uk- In 2 minuets

Me- Mkay

In 2 minuets I am so ready, I am there on time to. I realized that it was Ashton F. Irwin. I walked up to him, putting his number in my phone. I was listening to 5 seconds of summer new album on the way. The songs are still playing in my car.

Me- Hey, what do u want???

Ashton- Dang girl, be polite.

Me- Ok, just whatcha want?

Ashton- I want u to be my girlfriend

Me- I thought u already had a girlfriend?

Ashton- Yea, I did but I broke up with her.

Me- wow, good for u, who cares

Ashton- I thought u would care, because if u were my girlfriend u could stay with me in my crib

Me- Fine, but if yo ex-girlfriend tries to fight me she gonna wound up dead by me

Ashton- Damn girl I promise my ex would not bother none of us

Me- Good, bye

Ashton- Peace

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