1 guy 3 personalities, 1 girl likes 1 guy


4. On my "Laptop"

Once I got home, I started to get in my burglar clothes. My friend and I got in my car, and drove to "Friends" house aka our enemy. Luckily, the enemy wasn't here. My friend stayed in my get away car and I went in. Luckily, they didn't have an alarm. I broke the door, and tip toed in. I went to her room, my friend would honk the horn if she see's her and her family. I stole her 4 laptops, brung it to the car, stool her T.V, brung it to the car, and I took 2 IPhone 6+, I hade to make sure I didn't have a password. And it didn't. My friend honked the horn and I jumped out the window and ran to the car and we drove off. We got home, and we decided which one of us gets what. I let my friend have the T.V, 2 laptops, and 1 IPhone 6+ I had got the rest. I drove my friend back to her house and passed by the the house 2 times with police at her house, on the way back I was lolling. I got home and got on Omegle, the first person is saw was Ashton but in his nerd self. I got confused. "I never seen him like this" I whispered.

Omegle convocation

Ashton- Hey sexy

Me- Boy, what happened???

Ashton- What do you mean???

Me- Like yesterday you were all Bad now today your a nerd

Ashton- Oh that's because I have 3 personalities one is Bad, another is Nerd, and the last on is Good. If u had to pick one which one would u pick???

Me- Oh, idk which I would pick, Probably Bad. But we have to go through the test.

Ashton- What test???

Me- The date test you and me have to go one three date. Your three personalities are Good, Bad, and Nerd. Those would work a lot.

Ashton- Oh okay, how bout we start our first date tonight at 7:30 if that is okay with u.

Me- That's ok with me. See you in a hour.

Ashton- Mkay bye bae

Me- Bye bae

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