1 guy 3 personalities, 1 girl likes 1 guy


1. Earlyness

I'm just sitting at home, just doing any other normal teenager would do try to buy tickets. I finally found some 5sos tickets. "Yes, finally, thank u Jesus" I said great fully. The tickets got to my house a week before the concert. They hocked me up with Backstage and meet and greet passes. The week comes and I get really excited to go and meet Ashton Irwin. I put on my I ❤️ Ashton Irwin shirt on. I go to my car 'cause I'm 18, I drive to the place where 5sos Is performing. And go to the front of line to give them my tickets and then go in. I go get a smoothie from tropical smoothie inside the place. Then give my tickets to the people near the stage then go in. I was the first one in there, of course. I veered through the stage and the rows waiting for time to pass. I'm on stage looking at the rows, turn around and see Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael standing right behind me. I gasped "Oh My Gosh your 5 Seconds of summer, I'm Demetra and I came here like an hour early." I said crying. "Hey Demetra, since u were the 1st one here, u get to stay on stage and perform with us on all if our songs." Ashton said. "Thank u guys I really appreciate this, Thank u Jesus." I said in a happy mood. They lead me to there backstage rooms. I was shaking, but I calmed myself down. "Here is our backstage rooms, the door straight ahead is where we talk and take last minute laughs," Michael said. "Yea, the door next to the room is mine," Luke said. The door across from Luke's is Michael, then nxt to Michael's is Calum, and then across from Calum's is Ashton. Then the time to sing has come. "My dream has come true," I whispered. "What?" Calum said. "Oh nothing," I said.

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