1 guy 3 personalities, 1 girl likes 1 guy


9. Date night #3 Nerd boy

So I'm at my house and this is our last and final date. This time he brung the nerd, and the time he was rough. This time when I mean rough I mean hot rough. So he comes to my door and I opened it to see who it is. I open the door to see Nerdy Ashton. Here is how the convocation started.

Ashton- Hey bae

Me- Hey come in

Ashton- Okay

[Ashton comes in and sit's on the couch]

Me-So, what do you wanna do???

Ashton- Maybe, we can stay here and u know get closer together

Me- So, you mean

Ashton- Yea I mean that way

So I took Ashton to my room so we can get it on.

He took off his clothes instead of his boxers. I was in the bathroom changing into the sexy devil costume. "Tell me when your ready bae," I said "I'm ready right now babe," Ashton says. I walk out to see Ashton standing near my bed. I leaned on the wall, then he walked to me, put his arms around me, I look into his eyes, and he kissed me. My heart pounded so much and to hard. He picked me up, my legs around his waste, and he starts to untie the strapes on the costume and I felt so good while he was doing it to me. I said in my mind a nerdy boy can be nerdy in school but a real sexy person. He let me drop off of him onto my bed then he said "Let me put on some sexy music for the both of us." Then I said "Mkay, I just can't wait till we get it." He finished putting some of the romantic 1900's music and it was great. He untied the rest of my straps and made me tingle. When he finished, I had gotten on top and I think I did the same amount of goodness to Ashton as he did to me. I took his boxers off and he took my costume off and that's where it went rough. Once he put it in me I was in pain since this is my first time doing it. Once we were finished he threw his condom away and he asked me, "So which one do you pick?" "I pick the nerd because he can really get me to do whatever he says" I said.

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