1 guy 3 personalities, 1 girl likes 1 guy


7. Date night #2 Good things

Tonight is another night where good boy Ashton and I go to an animal shelter to help, and donate to them. I was sure gonna need the good deed to wipe away my criminal record. We start by feeding the dogs and cats, then we start by giving them baths we wore gloves. Then we started to walk and play with them. "I will walk the dogs do u wanna play with the cats???" I asked. "Sure I love cats," Ashton said. I was great until Bad Luck hit me. The dogs started to run I tripped and the dogs dragged me to there will. I got up and got in control, I started to run with the dogs behind me and finally got there with scars and blood running down me and put the dogs back in there cages and sat down. "What happened bae," Ashton said. "The dogs dragged me through hell is what happened!!" I said. "Let's put some cream and you will fell much better," Ashton said. "Mkay, Bae" I said.

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