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cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleeep Gravity falls fanfiction


13. Who is Micah? part 1- Dreamscape

The world the 6 of them landed in was as weird as Mabel’s bubble, it however, wasn’t as pure white and confusing. It was actually of gravity falls. Much like Stan’s shack of a dreamscape this one had doors inside each of the structures labelled private etc.

When dipper had imagined another demons mindscape (which is what he supposed this was) he imagined it being as twisted as well… bill. Bills would certainly be. This was different though and the more doors each of them looked through the more humane the girl who had being trying to save them seemed. The less her actions seemed to be for selfish means and more for them, selfless in fact.

They had been in the dreamscape for what felt like a very long time (time didn’t seem to flow the same way in the dreamscape as it did in the real world), they were now sure that this was the demon girls dreamscape the only question was, why would she send us here? It didn’t seem right.

With a flash of light similar to the one when the girl first appeared she reappeared on one of the familiar roads of gravity falls in front of them, an old version where the dusk till dawn was still open strangely as the girl could have only being in her teens, dipper thought anyway. This time the light disappeared far quicker and looked particularly dimmer, as well as her staff, then when they had first met. She looked weaker. Dipper had no time to worry about this though because over the last few, well what seemed like ours, of searching through this girls memories a lot of questions had become to add up in his head and more had being asked than answered. Something that ford had said, and I quote was ‘just like him when he was his age!’

“Who are you?” he asked voice tinted with anger. Before she could answer he went again “where is this place?”

“Micah P…” she stopped and answered his other question nervously, “my dreamscape.”

“So you are a demon!”

“I suppose…”

“Show me who you really are! How old are you?”

“Dipper!” Stanford interrupted making the girl smile lightly at the old man pushing the boundaries of 70, this she knew anyway demon or not however infinite knowledge and power helped in some ways. “You’re bombarding the girl with questions.

“But she’s a demon great uncle ford!” great uncle ford… dipper…

“No I’ll answer,” she said timidly, making the 6 look back at her.

She stopped floating and landed on the floor, a blue hurricane of light spinning round her before finally she floated down to the floor again. This time she was about as tall as Mabel and dipper, maybe slightly taller. She was wearing a fluffy jumper, a mix of dark pink and neon blue with black lettering on it reading ’13.’ That’s right they were going to be 13 in 4 days he had forgotten… Her hair fell straight as long as before except darker, lighter than Mabel’s and dippers but closer to their colour now. It also had the familiar tufts in the back that seemed to run in the pines family. “Micah pines, daughter of… Stanford pines…

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