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cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleeep Gravity falls fanfiction


6. twin ESP- Weirdmagedon


The old garage red in green spray paint on the outside ‘dude keep out’

Wendy picked up the bottom of the door and lifted it up pointing her arrow out as the two males clambered in before she herself ducked in after them, letting it slam shut behind her.

Inside the room was full of junk, skeletons and a short barrel filled with paper that Wendy started a fire in and began to roast the bat she had found on a stick. In the same green spray paint the inside of the door red ‘fort ca$h money’ along with other spray painting on the pink backdrop. Wendy was sitting on an old cash register, tipped sideways to make it taller. Dipper came and sat opposite her on a crate, worry filing the creases in his face. “We were playing truth or dare in the cemetery when it happened, the eye balls froze Nate, Lee, Tambry and Tomson.” She pressed a button on the cash register making it Ching and grabbed a note, whipping sweat of her face with it. “Ravi almost got away but he had to pause to take a selfie” she rolled her eyes at her ex- boyfriends behaviour. “What about you?” she asked sadly, dropping the note to the floor.

“I was in a fight with Mabel when it happened, uncle ford asked me to be his apprentice after the summer was over, but that would mean I wouldn’t go back home, it would mean growing up without Mabel,”

Wendy replied, a mix of disappointed and ashamed for him “ah, dude”

“Mabel didn’t take it well and she ran off into the forest, she couldn’t ever look me in the eye,” he wrapped his arms around him with regret, earning a sympathetic smile from Wendy.

“Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” She said, “Toby you watch the camp”

Toby cam rout of the dressing room, cad with a pink top reading ‘sassy girl’ and stripy shorts. His hair was spiked up and dyed blue and green and his belt was black and depicted a skull. He wore fingerless gloves, much like Wendy’s and netting over his arms. The only left over part of him was his browny, gingery, moustache. “Don’t call me toby, call me bodacious T”

Wendy looked at the man like he was mad and proclaimed lifelessly “no one will ever call you that” before listening to him sigh and leaving the garage with dipper.

The town was in complete chaos, twice the size of most of the buildings, loomed over the remaining townsfolk and, despite their ability to, did not destroy buildings as often as they could have, as most of the town remained, mostly, intact. “The end of the world,” Wendy proclaimed “man, those death-metal album covers got it shockingly right!” the two were sitting on top of a radiator shaft sipping at pitt cola.

“You know I used I think I could get out of anything,” the 12-year old looked down at his hands. “But this” dipper jumped of the shaft and walked on the rood “the journals are destroyed, ford is captured and I can’t find my family anywhere!” he was looking over at the rift with the strange pyramid poking out of it. “Bill said it himself there’s no room for heroes out here. We lost.”

Wendy looked down at him “look, dude, it's not over yet. You've beaten Bill twice before. Why is this time any different?”

Dipper sighed. “Because then I had Mabel”

“Then you need to get Mabel back. Look, this summer, I've seen some amazing things, but nothing as amazing as you and your sister. I don't know if it's dumb luck, or Yin and Yang or whatever, but when you two work together, there's nothing you two can't accomplish. You just need to make up and team up, and save the universe.”

“But how will I ever find her?” the sky rumbled and suddenly the ground shook, knocking the drinks out of their hands as they watched a purple monster destroy the Pitt cola sign, revealing the ship shaped hole and bridge that surrounded gravity falls.

“The shooting star from Mabel’s sweater!” dipper said only partly surprised that out of what seemed like the millions of sweaters Mabel wore he could remember that one. “She’s in there I know it!”

“Wow, is that like twin ESP?” Wendy asked to the now confident dipper.

“No we don’t have that, but we do have this thing where our allergies totally act up at the same time,” dipper said twiddling his fingers before sneezing in the kittenish fashion possible. Making Wendy flinch before returning to her usual smirk.

“Mabel needs us!” 

“How are we going to get there without being caught?” dipper asked looking over the town, downcast with green clouds and multiple purple eye ball-bats scanning around aimlessly before the large pink mass on the bridge, where Mabel was.

“I have an idea,” the teenager announced smugly, holding her hand over her eyes and rustling it slightly against her ginger hair.

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