Everything for him

cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleeep Gravity falls fanfiction


1. the deal

the world around him was covered in yellow ayes, papers, and even what looked like his journals. a space that resembled, well... space. he reached up to a paper, almost familiar but yet not, just as he was about to look at it a large shadow loomed over head. in shock he looked back to see a small floating triangle, only about the size of his own head with a black top hat, looming a few meters diagonal to him.

"hiya smart guy," the one eyed creature announced making stanford stare at the creature before realizing he was gone and then flinched forward, "wow! don't have a heart attack your not 92 yet!" suddenly the creature was behind him.

"who are you?" stanford voice was tinged with both pure curiosity and unease as the creature spun to the side of him.

"i'm bill and your names stanford pines," his eyebrows raised as bill raised his arms and then continued, "the man who changed the world but i getting ahead of ourselves lets relax, care for a game of interdimensional chess"

suddenly stanford was thrown into the air, landing on a plump purple chair in front of the outline of a blue chessboard. 

"have a cup of tea" soon a teapot and cup were in front of him pouring on there own and made of the smae outline as the chess board and yet you couldn't see the liquid inside them. he grabbed it one eyebrow still raised at the peculiar nature of the seemingly intelligent creature. bill got to work almost imediately on the chess board moving the horse first after setting himself his own chair. after a few more moves he pushed to the point.

"So stanford im a muse and choose one brilliant mind a century to inspire, i can help you in your research"

stanford perked up at this. 

"in return you let me in and out of your mind at will."

stanford stud up making the chair and the chess board disappear as he did, childish excitement rushing round him anxiously.

"then its a deal, from now until the end of time!"

"just let me into your mind stanford!"

"please call me, a friend" he shook hands with the yellow triangle before he zapped into his body. making his eyes go yellow and pupils long like bills eye was when he was in his own form. he laughed demonically, the echo of bills voice but with stanford's tone and intonation.

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