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cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleeep Gravity falls fanfiction


12. Micah- Weirdmaggedon


The ground in front of them began to glow, forming a blue circle on the floor with streaks of light unevenly spreading up from it. For a moment it stayed like this until suddenly bright sparks escaped from its centre revealing a girl, taller than Mabel and dipper but still shorter than Wendy.

She was turned sideways a silver staff placed in here hands, the more circular end pointing towards the ground. Even through its heaviness she seemed to be holding it with ease. Her mousy brown hair ran down to her knees, falling straight before being tied a few inches from the bottom. Her outfit was blue, a short skirt decorating her slim figure and pale blue tights almost white. She wore a baggy school tank that bunched fittingly around her waist and tightened in around the top into a large collar with 2 navy blue strips on, the same colour as the sweater, her long sleeved shirt pulled out from under her hair. Leaning balanced on her left leg.

“I said, stop it!” she turned to bill, sending her hair flying sideways as she pivoted before separating her right leg from her left.

“Why should I do that then, Micah?”


She jumped forward hovering in the air in front of bill, her staff pressed forward at him.


“Because what, don’t forget Micah I made you!”

She grimaced at the word made but soon returned to her former, angry composure. What did he mean made?

“I won’t let you hurt them!”

“oh yeah and whose gonna stop me!” he pointed his finger out at the 6 people standing on the cliff ledge but before he could send the final blast the girl knocked him, the blast diminishing the likes of a tree instead. Bills figure turned red with rage, turning to the girl who was now flouting on the other side of him, smirking adolescently. It was clear now to dipper that this girl could be not much older than himself because, despite her height, she acted her age.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” bill pointed his finger again, this time at the girl who subtly dropped lower than the point of impact. Another tree was quickly destroyed, the more times he tried to attack her the more trees turned to ash. By this point they had had a descent amount of time to escape but somehow each of them seemed frozen to the spot they were standing on, watching the teenager who was presumably also a demon, protecting them valiantly. Why was another demon trying to help them?

Bill finally looked away from the girl and without a seconds notice send another blue bolt at the 6 people on the cliff side this time, despite her might she could not knock the more mature demon. As the bolt nearly hit them a white sphere flashed over them and suddenly they were gone.

“What?” bill asked turning to where he thought Micah was but she was gone too. 

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