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11. mabel's bubble- finding mabel- part 2- Weirdmaggedon

"Wendy? Soos?" The short haired boy shorted. Where were they? This world seemed to be scrambling his brain, much like everything else was scrambled. A smashed frame with him and Mabel in a chair, all stuff that he and she had seen before, even a mannequin version of the gnomes. "Wendy!? Soos!?" He shouted again, he was sure he had walked in holding their hands. Come to think of it why did he walk in? He was suddenly propelled upside down. Panicking he began to try and get back down before realising that the blood wasn't rushing to his head and neither was his hair falling like it did when he went on that trip with Grunkle Stan. God he didn't want to remember that trip.


He couldn't remember much about that. Come to think of it he couldn't remember much about anything. Who was he calling? Why was he in here? Who was he!?


"Mabel!" The words slipped out of his mouth automatically and suddenly his mind seem to restart. Flouting a few metres in front of him, the petite body of his twin sister lay scrunched up. Her eyes were closed but her chest rises and fell gradually, she was still alive. "Mabel!" She still didn't open her eyes. Dipper ran forward jumping up to her, the bubble letting his bounce feel like zero gravity. He grabbed her hand lightly pulling her back down with him.


"Mabel..." The girl lay still on the boys knee, limp and, hopefully, unconscious.


"Bro Bro?" A weak voice announced, her large brown eyes looking up at her sobbing sister.


"Mabel!" He screamed, clutching her tightly to him.


"What's up bro bro?" She asked still weak but with a slight more power. Dipper loosened his grip on her slightly to look at her before snapping back into action "we have to get out of here!"


He took his sisters hand pulling her towards what he hoped was the exit, past the floating items among the white and out into the darkness of Weirdmaggedon. As soon as Mabel left the bubble it disappeared, leaving a confused Soos and Wendy standing in the middle of a bridge.


"What just happened?" Wendy asked.


"What happened to you?" Mabel asked the bruised and battered girl whose body was basically purple by now.


"Wait, bill!"


"We know, now we have to get out of here Mabel quick! “The 4 off them, careful not to fall down the gaps in the bridge, sprinted into the side of the mountain and through it until they got down to gravity falls. For a moment Mabel stopped as they reached what used to be the town. What used to be buildings was rubble, what used to be the sky was a giant rip and a massive pyramid hung from it. This was a completely different gravity falls, that was for sure.

“Dipper… summer ends…” dipper cringed as he remembered the argument he had had with Mabel 3 days ago, the one that caused the end of the world. Something he really didn’t want to remember or for Mabel to remember.

“Mabel we don’t have time for this!”

“There’s always time for this dipper you’re going to leave me!”

“Mabel look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you and I didn’t mean it like that! You know I didn’t! I’m doing all this to save you Mabel, if we get thought his we’ll talk about it and I know it’s not over,” both sadness and anger filled his voice as well as regret for his twin. “You shouldn’t have found out that way, I’m sorry.”

Mabel, now wet with tears looked up at her twin brother and then behind him at what seemed like thousands of eye-ball bats behind him.

“Dipper!” finally dipper looked behind him and stealthily grabbed his sister’s hand and taking her into the forest.

The trees now had foot shaped roots, some terrible work of bill cipher and, for pine trees, looked eerily creepy and distorted. Behind them the twins could hear the familiar padding of Wendy and the heavy plodding of the peculiar body typed Soos. Quickly another type of footsteps was heard, identical in ways but also not. Dipper looked back, fearing the worst, before meeting eyes with both his great uncles. One now not encased in gold which he theorised had something to do with Stan, he had spent 30 years trying to save his brother, he would surely do anything to save him again, if the world was ending then it might as well have ended for him saving ford. Not that dipper wished that on him.

There was no time to ponder for more than a second though, as long as it wasn’t one of bills henchman they had to keep running, even if it was they had to keep running.

The forest seemed to get thicker until finally the trees opened out into open air. And with that open air came a cliff, created by bills tyranny.

“We’ll have to turn around,” dipper shouted back.

“Dude, were surrounded!” Soos shouted forward and for the first time dipper realized that there was eye-ball bats surrounding them.

“thought you could get away from me that easily did you, I’ll admit kid your pretty smart, considering I destroyed those precious journals!” the yellow Dorito shouted from above.


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