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cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleep... cant sleeep Gravity falls fanfiction


9. Gideon part 2- Weirdmaggedon

Cars were pulled in from all sides of the 3.

“Woo wee!” Gideon laughed, “I dare say you almost had the jump on my there for a second but they ain’t your gravity falls anymore! Out here I win!” he clapped and a large horn was thrown at him which he immediately blowed into, making a loud, deep sound. Eye ball bats immediately began pouring from the fear-o-mid.

“Bill’s Hench-bats will be here any minute to retrieve y’all! Mabel’s mine now!”

Dipper held his sister’s key in front of him before looking away sadly. “Is she?”

“Well yeah, I have her trapped, ergo Mabel is mine!”

“Gideon, listen to me, if I've learned anything this summer it's that you can't force someone to love you.” He looked at Wendy. “The best you can do is strive to be someone worthy of loving.”

Gideon now taking on a nervous Hugh began to speak again, “oh I’m worthy of loving! These prisoners love me!” the gang of prisoner ruffians began to cheer.

“But Mabel doesn't. Because you're selfish. But you can change! Bill thinks there's no heroes in this world, but if we work together and fight back, we can defeat him. You want to be Mabel's hero? Stand up to Bill, and let us save her!” dipper pointed to the pyramid now swarming with bats around the outside.

Gideon looked terrified of that predicament. “That’s crazy! You know what bill will do to me if that happens!”

“What are you, scared of bill?” ghost eyes asked from in front of him suspiciously.

“noooooooooo!” he rolled his o’s. “I just it’s a complicated situation!” he rolled his arms around in circles.

“Look inside Gideon!” dipper continued. “If this is all for Mabel. Then ask yourself what Mabel would want you to do!”

Gideon looked down at the old picture of him and Mabel from a newspaper, for the first time realizing how uncomfortable she looked. He quietly mumbled “dipper, will you tell her what I did”

“of course.” 

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