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15. Get out of my dreamscape! -Dreamscape/ Weirdmaggedon

“He did that to you, that’s what happened!” Mabel ran forward embracing her… Aunt in a hug. Stanford was standing there, awestruck of the images that just went through is head and Stanley was, surprised, to say the least. Dipper was, for once in his life, was speechless and Soos was fanficing. Wendy was just “dude…”

Mabel still hadn’t let go when bill appeared behind them, making Micah’s dreamscape shine a fluorescent shade of yellow.

“Thought I’d find you here!” bill shouted, the demonic in his voice pushing forward more than anything else.

Micah turned towards the demon, surprised by his sudden appearance after finally taking Mabel’s hug.

“Bill…” she transformed back in a bolt of light and took her previous, demon form.

“I own you remember, thank your father for that!”

“What do you mean bill?” Stanford shouted out to the floating Dorito.

“Don’t you remember, Stannnnnnford, you made more than one deal to me remember?” bill grinned at him, “your fate is mine, you broke your deal, I the fate of your belongings, your DNA. Is mine. Simple really!”

“I didn’t agree to that!” he shouted back but Micah was already in mid- air staff positioned towards bill as she slashed though him, causing the fleshy bonds that held him together to separate before reattaching seconds later. She went again and again, each time the same thing happened.

Finally, out of breath, she screamed at the demon “get out of my dreamscape!”  

Cipher laughed evilly, “stop it… stop causing all this pain to people to me…” she began to cry, “you spend years with your gang of cronies picking on me… breaking me! Well I’m fed up of it bill and I will stop you! You will not hurt my dad! You will not hurt my uncle and you will not hurt my uncle’s grandchildren either because I am just as powerful as you!” she stopped, breathing heavily, “You made me to do your dirty work! You made me so I couldn’t go back! You made me with the power. To. Destroy. You!” she swung her staff forward again, this time the circular stone glowing fluorescent blue shining as it hit the demon breaking through him swiftly, like many times before except this time differently, he still recollected himself.

“Your strong I’ll admit that but soon the evil will take you, being able to avoid the pull of demonic evil means that you are, abnormally strong, but that will end soon. You’re already starting to think like a demon!”

Suddenly a black shadow overtook her body, making her fall to the floor, screaming in pain. She kept screaming. Screaming. Deafening making them cover there ears before it ceased, she was still overtaken by the black aura but she was standing up, blue surging unevenly from her staff. One eye closed in pain but the other one open looking at him.

“You won’t. You won’t hurt them!” she stumbled forward weakly. “I won’t let you!” the black aura was replaced by a healthy blue. Suddenly the same light that transported them there started again, transporting them back to the real world again. She appeared with them seconds later. This time they were in the middle of, what used to be, the town.

“I’m going to save you,” she whispered.

“Yeah and you’ll kill yourself doing it dumb-dumb!” she looked up from the ground at Mabel, tears streaking her face.

“I’m already dead…” she started to sob, “there’s no way to turn me back…”

“Then we’ll find a way!”

“Ok, to defeat bill we need,” she suddenly gained confidence, “Soos, Wendy, Stan, dipper, Gideon, ford, Pacifica, Mabel, Robbie and me…”

“Dude, I’m here!” Soos started.

“And me!” Mabel

“Ok then,” dipper

“Dude, count me in!” Wendy

“And us.” Stan announced for him and ford.

“So that just leaves Pacifica northwest, Gideon and Robbie…” dipper said doubtfully.

“That’s only three people!” Mabel shouted happily, standing on one foot and putting up three fingers happily.

the half-demon laughed into her hand lightly before full on laughing earning the stares of everyone around at her childish, somewhat cute laugh, and for once she was a human. Truly human for that was a human laugh it was not bills it wasn’t demonic.

“I made her laugh…” Mabel said quietly, returning to a normal stance. “I made her laugh!” she put her arms up in joy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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